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How I Fixed the Job Interview

Herb Greenberg, who lost his sight at age 10, developed a test to let employers see workers for who they really are. Herb Greenberg lost his sight at age 10

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Eight TSA officers fired for napping, other infractions

Eight Transportation Security Administration screening officers were fired Wednesday from their posts at Newark Liberty Airport in New Jersey for violating proper screening procedures, a TSA official said.

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Video: Arguments that caused SCOTUS to take up health care law

The Supreme Court is set to rule on whether the president's health care law is constitutional. Chief legal correspondent Jan Crawford reports on the arguments leading up to the big decision.

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Jennifer Lawrence’s 911 scare

Jennifer Lawrence has a 911 scare, Katie Perry's personal life, and a look-alike Kenny Chesney kicked out of concert.

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R. Kelly falls ill, cancels appearances

R. Kelly canceled scheduled appearances in New York to return to Chicago on Wednesday because of a health emergency, his publicist said.

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Video: New prescription diet drug approved by FDA

The Food and Drug Administration approved the first prescription diet drug in a decade. Belviq acts on the area of the brain that controls appetite and metabolism. Susan McGinnis reports.

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Chris Brown-Drake fight club loses liquor license

The Manhattan nightclub where singer Chris Brown and rapper Drake allegedly clashed has lost its liquor license because of violations cited by the New York State Liquor Authority.

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