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Judith Costa: The Life Coach and Unconditional Love Guru

Judith Costa: The Life Coach and Unconditional Love Guru

Finding Unconditional Love with Judith Costa

judith costaNowadays, it’s not common for people to feel unsatisfied with their lives. Students and young professionals often don’t have an idea of where they’re going, and they end up switching from one degree program or career path to another. Even older adults who have many achievements in their personal and professional lives and are considered to be conventionally successful still feel that they lack something and that their accomplishments aren’t enough.

This is where Judith Costa comes in. As a Love and Life coach, she helps people discover themselves and know what they really want in life. She also assists them in making the necessary changes to transform their lives and developing the skills that they’ll use to achieve their goals. With Judith’s help, individuals can identify the path that will lead them to unconditional love, long-lasting happiness and a meaningful and satisfying life.


Judith Costa has  a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and Public Relations and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. She also worked for several large companies in Spain and held impressive roles such as account executive, an assistant manager, and a project and sales manager. These should have been enough, but she still found herself wanting to discover her true self and know why she was here on Earth.

These desires and questions caused her to do extensive research to find the right answers and reach her goals. Eventually, through her research, she came upon several techniques (including Reiki, Meditation, Astrology, and Past Life Regression Therapy) that helped her find meaning in her life.

The best thing about these techniques is that they didn’t only help Judith improve herself, they also helped her realize her purpose in life is to help others. Because of this, she formally studied these techniques and gained professional certifications to practice them. She now has a Certification in Reiki I & II, a Certification in Karmic Astrology I & II, and a Certification in Astrology and is now an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner and a Professional Consultant in Akashic Records. She has received professional training in Past Life Regression Therapy and has earned a Professional Coaching Certification and a Master’s Degree in Analytical Psychology and Psychotherapy.

With her knowledge, skills, and experience, Judith now helps individuals find their path, unleash their potential, and live the happy and satisfying life they want.


Cabecera-News-Soul-MateJudith offers a wide range of services to help people create a map of their lives or simply act as a guide to those who have taken a wrong turn and want to find their way back. These solutions work well on their own but can also be combined to create a powerful force that will help individuals be the best that they can be. Judith offers these services in person, but she also conducts phone and Skype consultations for those who live far away and can’t exactly travel to meet with her face to face.

Dream Interpretations

One of the things that Judith offers is dream interpretation, in which she helps her clients analyze the meaning of their dreams and use these interpretations as a tool to spark their creativity and solve their day-to-day problems. She also helps them gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their emotions through their dreams.

Judith acknowledges that dreams can mean many things, and it’s not common for a single dream to have several explanations. Because of these, the client’s dream must be analyzed in context of his life, and he must decide which of the interpretations are most applicable to him.


Many people wonder if planets, moons, and stars have anything to do their personality and their future, and it seems that the answer is “Yes”. For those who want to know how astrology impacts their lives, Judith offers several types of astrology readings. These include:

• Birth charts — gives people an idea about their relationship with celestial bodies and the energy that flows between them and the universe. These charts cover a wide range of aspects like personality, family, money, career, and finances.

• Tendencies of the year — describe how the movement of the planets will affect a person’s life within a period of one year, starting from his birthday and covering the next twelve months. Through this reading, people will have an idea of the challenges that they’ll encounter as well as any changes that will take place in their lives. They can also use the information provided by the reading to make smart decisions over the next year.

• Relationship reading — compares the horoscopes of two people who want to know if they’re compatible with each other. This type of reading can be a wonderful experience for romantic couples but can also be great for siblings, friends, and parents and children.

• Karmic astrology — gives insight into a person’s past incarnations and discusses how these affect his current personality as well as the mental and emotional challenges he faces.

Energy Assessments

4520010Different people use and allocate their energies on different things. Judith conducts energy assessments to help them determine their level of energy under normal conditions and under stressful conditions. Through these evaluations, people will clearly see how they expend their energy and whether or not they’re putting their energy into the right things. They can also identify the changes they need to make to create the life that they want.

For clients who want to take an energy assessment, Judith asks them to take an online evaluation, which usually takes around 20 minutes to complete. They will receive the results within 24 to 48 hours and, once they do, they’ll need to have a one-hour debriefing session with Judy either on Skype or on the phone. During this session, Judith will discuss the findings of the assessment and help clients create a plan to increase their positive energy levels, which will ultimately lead to higher satisfaction in most (if not all) aspects of their lives.

Akashic Record consultation

Judith is an expert in Akashic Record, which records the journey of the soul since its inception. Her Akashic Record consultations require around 30 to 60 minutes, and they can be done in person, on the phone, or through Skype.

The success of Akashic Record consultations greatly rely on the willingness of the client to open up about his life, honestly reflect about his current situation, and be able to say where he wants to go and what he wants to achieve. After the session, Judith will then be able to give insights, tips, and guidance, which the client can then use to navigate his way through life’s challenges and build the life that he wants.

Past Life Regression

This technique is somewhat similar to the Akashic record in that it uncovers the client’s past life, but the main difference is that the client goes through hypnosis. Some people might be hesitant about being hypnotized, but Judith points out that it’s perfectly safe since all types of hypnosis are self-hypnosis. This means that the client is control every second of the session and can emerge from the hypnotized state whenever he wants. Judith explains that her role as a therapist is just to guide the client so he could reach his unconscious and access his past memories.

With past life regression, Judith helps her clients learn more about themselves and find out what their purpose in life is. She also helps them see a connection between their past experiences and their current circumstances in life (such as the way they interact with friends and family, the way they handle problems at work, etc.).

Life and Love Coaching

As mentioned above, Judith is a Life and Love Coach, and she dedicates a large amount of time on helping her clients identify the goals they want to achieve and determine what they need to do reach these objectives. With Judith’s help, a lot of people have been able to manage their lives in a better way, enjoy happiness and a deep sense of fulfillment, and live the life of their dreams.

It’s said that it takes 21 days to change a habit; undeniably, turning a person’s entire life around takes more than that. Judith points out that it requires a minimum of three to six months before her clients can see a significant change in their lives, although they could always leave her coaching program if they want to do so. Judith offers a money-back guarantee if clients aren’t satisfied with her coaching process. This gives people the assurance that Judith is focused on helping them and providing the best possible services, not on earning a quick buck.


Aside from offering one-on-one services, Judith also hosts a range of workshops that are geared to help people improve their lives while interacting with like-minded people and learning from each other. Here are some of her workshops:

How To Find Your Soul Mate Workshop

Judith reveals that she has found her soul mate, and she wants everyone to find theirs, too. This is why she organized her How To Find Your Soul Mate workshops: she wants people to end up with their soul mates (or be sure that they’ve found their soul mates, if they’re already in a relationship) and experience unconditional love with each other. She also wants her clients to experience the journey of looking for a soul mate and learn the many lessons that this path provides.

“Fall In Love… With Yourself!” Workshop

Some people think they have accepted themselves but really hate who they are deep inside. Others, meanwhile, acknowledge the fact that they hate themselves but can’t do anything about it. Both of these groups of people will most likely experience difficulties because they usually depend on others to provide them with love, assurance, and acceptance and fill the hole within themselves.

Judith wants to help those who find it hard to love themselves. Through her “Fall In Love… With Yourself!” workshops (which are filled with fun games, engaging activities, and thought-provoking teachings), attendees can learn about self-love and know how to become their own best friend and accept themselves despite their weaknesses. Judith will also provide tools that people can use to maintain their self-love even during tough times.

“Create The Relationship You Want” Workshop

Many people have a hard time developing great interactions with their boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, parents, children, siblings, friends, colleagues, bosses, and neighbors. This isn’t really surprising since building good relationships in life can be a hard, long process that can be easily botched up. One wrong move, and people can end up with awkward and even hostile relationships with the individuals around them.

Judith understands this and has come up with the “Create The Relationship You Want” workshop as a solution to this problem. Through this fun and experiential workshop, she helps people sort through the fear, doubts, and other issues that might cloud their interactions with their loved ones. The attendees, in turn, can use their learnings from the workshop to improve their relationships and create happy and nurturing connections with the people around them.

“Create The Life You Want” Workshop

This is similar in principle with the “Create The Relationship You Want” workshop, but it focuses on the broader aspect of life. During the workshop, attendees will be asked to focus on one facet of their life that they’d like to improve, such as their family, health, career, finances, or spirituality. Judith will then guide them through the path of developing the right tools to minimize the struggles they go through, improve the life aspect they’ve chosen, and witness a huge change in their lives.


Coping with the challenges in life isn’t easy. Because of this, a lot of people give up on their dreams and tell themselves that they can never be happy. But this isn’t really the case; with the right guidance, they can fix the various issues they face and ultimately achieve their dreams. This is Judith Costa’s goal: to use a range of techniques and workshops to help people find themselves and live the life they want.

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