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Digital Hate: What We Are Up Against

Digital Hate: What We Are Up Against

Hotep Fam,

As you can imagine from the many controversial and educational interviews I share freely on the Philippe Matthews Show LIVE, I get tons of hate mail!

I remember someone asking the question about why do white people hate black people so much. They simply replied because black is something they can never be or never produce. Imagine wanting something so badly but no matter what you do because of God’s genetic plan, you can’t have it?

Our ancestor, Dr. Francis Cress Welsing calls this Reaction Formation in her work the Isis Papers. She says it is, “…a response that converts (at the psychological level) something desired and envied but wholly unattainable, into something discredited despised.The whites, desiring to have skin color but unable to attain It, claimed (consciously or unconsciously) that skin color was disgusting, and began attributing negative qualities to color- especially to Blackness.”

I actually find these people who write hate mail and comments against Melinated people humorous and pathetic at the same time. I actually laugh out loud when I read some of the deep seated ignorance in what some has called the ultimate psychopathological mind that end up as comments on my Youtube channel.

Eventually, I catch them and block/delete them, but some, I screen capture and share with my Shock Metaphysics and DigitalNomics Facebook Fam, such as sean johnston who wrote in response to Waking Up White with Debby Irving:

“The only thing worse than a lazy, whining, under achieving, substance abusing, fatherless nigger is a regressive, virtue signaling lying, traitorous, white SJW trigglypuff bent on white genocide. All you can lick my hairy white asshole.”

In another one written by, AlexanderHLF, he writes in response to Epigenetics: Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (PTSS) with Dr. Joy DeGruy (Part 2):

“How much more fucking pathetic can you people get? The Jews after spending 6 years in concentration camps, at the end of WWII, in 1946 left for Palestine, where only 2 years later, in 1948 fought, bled and died for independence.

Out of the genocidal camps of Hitler and into the battlefield against the combined armies of 5 Arab nations and you gimme this shit about ‘Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome’

You mothafuckers need to get a grip. Poor little you.”

Yep, there are idiots that try and compare 6 years of Hitler to 339 years of chattel slavery. You have to admire the power of Reaction Formation and sheer ignorance in the brain. It has to be a birth defect, right?!

Please share your thoughts…

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