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DigitalNomics – Do you know about Zero Point Thinking?

DigitalNomics – Do you know about Zero Point Thinking?

Hotep Fam,

Sista Emiunah Y’srael is the author of B’midbar: In The Wilderness and, Angry Black Woman Revisited. In her latest book, My Brother My Keeper, Emunah co-writes this 102-page book with her eight-year old daughter, Shiloh. The book is part of a series designed to teach parents how to co-author a children’s book together and is the epitome of what DigitalNomics is all about; teaching Melinated people how to profit from pain by learning how to tell/sell their story.

The storyline of My Brother My Keeper is about how sibling rivalry rests at the heart of this ancient tale. Retold from a contemporary perspective, twin brothers Yoab and Asher are homeschooled youth working to overcome the stigma of an alternative education. This narrative is steeped in culture and highlights the importance of family and community. The boys learn valuable lessons about money management and self-awareness. These lovable brothers will make you laugh and enlighten you at the same time. Join them on their journey towards growth and development.

Emunah understands the sixteen, Zero Point Thinking Critical Thinking mandates as outlined in DigitalNomics Walk Away Wealth Systems. Here are three Zero Point Thinking mandates for your review:

#2 – Realize you can’t go up until you grow up (locate key resources such as books, information, mentors, etc):

  • You must learn how to grow your mind by locating the right frequency of information regardless of where you are and realize that you need mentors and information to move you beyond your current mindset, place/space in life.
  • These mentors don’t have to be alive; they can be ancestors like Les Brown or the late Zig Ziglar was to me when I was coming up and gathering information to transform my life.
  • It could be mentors that are virtual such as the many experts and brilliant minds available on youtube, in books, DVD’s, audio programs, etc.
  • Find Melinated mentors
  • Learn to recognize quality help and mentoring
  • Meet your mentors halfway. Stop waiting for someone to come rescue you. Learn how to meet a mentor halfway rather than completely rely on that mentor to solve all of your problems and save your life. That is your job! A mentor can offer a hand up along with temporary strategies and solutions to your problems and issues but you must be willing to reach up for help and assistance.

#3 – Forgiving yourself for all past, current and future failure:

  • Make sure that you read this part over and over again. ANY failure or fall from grace that you have had in life due to lack of opportunity, lack of economics and/or lack of a quality education is NOT YOUR FAULT but the fault of the system, condition and environment you were born into!
  • White society and even many upwardly mobile (lucky) black folk would like to make you think that you are a failure; making you think that you are lazy, dumb, and lack ambition. The truth of the matter is that you and I were born in a war zone called White Supremacy and the laws that founded this country has epigenetically targeted Melinated men, women and children long before you showed up on the planet.
  • The financial and academic struggles you and your family have lived or are currently living was put in place to keep you from succeeding and reaching your highest potential in life.
  • Don’t believe me? Watch and listen to the interviews: The Making of Ferguson with Richard Rothstein, Runaway Inequality with Les Leopold, Waking Up White with Debby Irving and Birth of a White Nation with Dr. Jacqueline Battalora. You will quickly and radically discover that you were/are part of a system of laws and an agenda that was developed from the very beginning of this nation to enslave, control, manipulate and eradicate you.
  • With that being said, stop blaming yourself, feeling sorry for yourself and learn how to empower your mind and train your brain to super succeed beyond any inherent points of failure or scientific, institutionalized racism.

#11 – Master and manage the forces working against you:

  • According to Dr. Howard Stevenson, there is a term called “White Fright” whereby, some whites are so afraid of Melinated boys/men that it triggers the same Fight/Flight response of seeing a Spider or a Snake!
  • The daily onslaught of racial stress takes its toll when you are born into a society and system that does not want or desire you. This can create feelings of isolation, abandonment, despair and depression. This is why it is imperative for you to have an agenda for your life so that you can rise above the covert and overt oppression and learn to manage the forces that are constantly working against you.
  • Learn how to apply the principles and processes of Racial Literacy and Socialization taught by Dr. Howard Stevenson and Dr. Joy DeGruy so you can thrive rather than just survive.
  • If you got stuck in a cave during the ice age and generations of your family never saw sunlight and had to learn how to survive (sometimes eating each other for food), living constantly in sub below temperatures, wouldn’t you have a chip on your shoulder and want to rule the world when the sun finally came out?
  • Yes, I’m being facetious; but not really because sunlight deprivation destabilizes the circadian rhythm causing Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which is associated with abnormal melatonin activity. Watch and learn from the Youtube interview featuring Kaba Hiawatha Kamene on “How Africans Turned White and How White Will Become Brown” and you will begin to understand why non-Melinated people show clinical signs of sociopathic behavior throughout the history of their arrival on the planet.
  • This behavior founded America, legalized chattel slavery, created Christianity and the Jim Crow laws that we are still epigenetically dealing with today!

Emunah Y’srael says, “Digitalnomics is an all around wealth building book. Philippe has successfully interwoven his experience, research and the wisdom of many scholars, teachers and activist. The author touches on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sides of wealth healing and building, his chapter on Zero Point Thinking is a gem. Digitalnomics is a practical how to guide peppered with historical perspective and personal transformational stories. Continue to raise your vibration by adding this book to your collection.”

Emunah is one of our weekly guest experts on the Philippe Matthews Show After Hours Network. We recently did a show, entitled “Making Money with Your Intellect” , where we talked extensively about how we must begin honoring and monetizing everything we (Melinated People) think, say and do!

This is the new economic base. This is the new digital black wallstreet! This is DigitalNomics!

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