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Dr. Dennis Kimbro on Secrets of Black Millionaires

Dr. Dennis Kimbro on Secrets of Black Millionaires

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Dr. Dennis Kimbro on Secrets of Black Millionaires

Dr. Dennis Kimbro on Secrets of Black Millionaires

The latest studies reveal that in 2011, over 37 percent of African American children are considered poor. Over the years, the poverty rate of black Americans continued to go down, but still, it remained to be the highest compared to other races. While the overall poverty in the country was around 15 percent in 2011, that of the blacks was at 27.5 percent. The data may be considered harsh or even biased by others, but one thing remains sure: poverty among the black communities is real. The good thing is there is hope.

Meet Dr. Dennis Kimbro

Dr. Dennis Kimbro may be unlike other black males. He was able to go to college in the University of Oklahoma and earned his BA degree. He then proceeded to take his master’s and even doctorate degrees in Northwestern University.

However, he had never forgotten his roots or the fact that thousands of his brothers and sisters were struggling to put food in the table, more so send themselves regularly to school. On the other hand, he’s very much aware that there was a way to beat the system and later produce black millionaires.

The Lead from Napoleon Hill

During the 1930s, at the height of the Great Depression and a year after the Wall Street market crashed, a man named Napoleon Hill released an ironic book called the Think and Grow Rich. It was a huge hit that until today reprints and updated versions are sold both online and offline.

Dr. Kimbro, who was once an awardee of Dale Carnegie for Personal Achievement, decided to use the same precepts and procedures detailed by the book, this time focusing on the top-performing black Americans. Through a similar but unfinished work of Hill, Dr. Kumbro came up with Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice.

Beat Conformity

The book doesn’t necessarily outline the step-by-step method in order to get rich. Instead, it covers one of the main secrets of black wealth: non-conformity. As Dr. Kimbro likes to tell the audience whenever he gets to talk, the strongest enemy by any person, especially black Americans, isn’t poverty itself but the resolve to remain the same as the others.

Based on the surveys and meetings with the peak-performing black Americans, he found out that they are leaders in their communities or in their businesses. Moreover, their mind-set is trained to focus on financial freedom. Thus, they push themselves to the limit, take calculated risks, and place their money on those that help them generate more cash.

He also stresses the essence of faith and trust not only on the Supreme Being but also on oneself. A person doesn’t have the ability to change everything, but he does on a number of them. It’s the decision to change and to make things better that truly count.

Dr. Kimbro brings these messages across the country and around the world through speaking engagements and published books. So far, he has already released 5 titles. With him on the helm, more can surely experience a complete break from poverty and hopelessness. His latest book, The Wealth Choice: Success Secrets of Black Millionaires is his latest bestseller and is empowering the lives of black people around the world!




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