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John Cerasani on Paid Training

John Cerasani on Paid Training

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John Cerasani on Paid Training!

John Cerasani

John Cerasani, a Chicago area native and Northwestern University alum, is an entrepreneurial success through a number of business endeavors. With his practical approach and business savvy, Cerasani has proven that the underdog can compete and win against larger, more established competitors.

John’s founding and subsequent success of Northwest Comprehensive, Inc. serves as the motivation in inspiring him to create the message of Paid Training. Paid Training is ideal for anyone who ever considered becoming a business owner as well as anyone who is ready to be open-minded enough to understand the pitfalls of working for someone else in the long term. John draws on his business experiences to demonstrate the path to enable any reader to compete and win as a start-up operation while going head-to-head against multimillion-dollar organizations.
John is clear in his message that this is not a motivational book that encourages readers to quit their jobs; it’s a guide that demonstrates how to evaluate, strategize, implement and then execute a plan to assure that your business flourishes. The message of Paid Training not only frowns upon the idea of working for someone else, it also shuns the idea of trying and failing multiple times before you get it right. Paid Training enables readers to get it right . . . the first time.
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