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Odette Laurie on Profit Domination for Women

Odette Laurie on Profit Domination for Women

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Odette Laurie on Profit Domination for Women

Odette Laurie on Profit Domination for Women

In data provided by the National Association of Women Business Owners, about 10 million firms all over the country are now owned by women, generating close to $2 trillion of income in 2008. Moreover, no less than 40 percent of privately held companies are now being owned or controlled by the ladies. However, only 20 percent of huge enterprises, those that earn about a million dollars or more a year, are handled by women.

What do all these statistics say? That women can be just as headstrong as men when it comes to opening and running a business—but then to dominate the market still requires a lot of work. This is the objective of Odette Laurie.

Who Is Odette Laurie?

Odette Laurie is one of the most successful businesswomen in the world. She already has multiple businesses under her name, virtually all earning her hundreds of thousands to millions annually. She is an overachiever with a proud black belt in the field of karate. She possesses everything any woman who aspires to reach the pinnacle wants.

Nevertheless, her journeys to earning big and dominating the market didn’t come easy. Her first business lacked the proper business planning, although she was able to sustain it in the long run. Along the way, though, she met countless challenges and failures, which she hopes will never be experienced by others. Thus, she developed Women on Top.

Business Women on Top

Women on Top is becoming one of the most sought-after elite coaching program designed primarily for women. The concept is very simple yet the message is impeccably strong: there’s no way a woman will not feel envious or jealous about other people’s successes, more so when she knows that she can get it for herself as well. In other words, she can also build her own empire, cast away her fears, join the millionaire bandwagon, and achieve not only recognition but also complete self-actualization of talent and potential.

As a coach, Odette has outlined every step that a woman needs to achieve her objectives. It begins by dealing with the “but,” or the barriers that prevent her from succeeding. These include a poor mind-set, fear, insecurity, lack of knowledge, and missing capital. Then she progresses to more strategic method to choose, build, manage, and sustain a business, allowing it to generate healthy profits for the owner.

Profit Domination

Odette has also developed a comprehensive at-your-pace “dominate your profits” program. You can get her book aptly entitled Profit Domination, which covers more than 200 rules to live by if you want to get the biggest share in the market, among others.

This is then complemented by a 6-CD pack, which women can listen to at their most convenient time or even when they’re on the road. They provide the motivation and guidance a lot of the ladies out there need as they move their way to the top. Other supplements include No, which teaches women when to say no, NotWorking as a way to properly do networking, and High Heels in High Places, which boost women’s self-confidence in dealing with large clients. 



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