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The ABCs of Money with Natalie Pace

The ABCs of Money with Natalie Pace

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The ABCs of Money with Natalie Pace

The ABCs of Money with Natalie Pace

More Americans are becoming poorer as they continue to add more debt under their name. As of April 2013, the average debt for credit cards is now more than $15,000 while student loans are already $33,005. Mortgages, on the other hand, are already close to $150,000. Considering that most of the families are living from paycheck to paycheck, a lot are definitely having a hard time paying all these financial obligations, more so enjoy the freedom mindset.

But there’s a way, and it is led by none other than Natalie Pace.

Natalie Pace has a very impressive résumé. She founded Women’s Investment Network and is now sitting as its chief executive officer. She is also an author of different books and has written for numerous syndicated magazines and newspapers. She’s one of the go-to financial educators for various shows in ABC, CNBC, and Fox News.

It is safe to assume she knows everything there is about finances and investments, but like the rest of us, she also experienced her own financial crises. In fact, she had written one of her powerful books, The ABCs of Money, when her world was eventually crumbling from all the debt.

Why You Need the Book

The ABCs of Money, written by Pace, is a certified must-have for everyone who wants to get out of the rat race and debt cycle, and most, of all, achieve complete personal and financial freedom.

It is written with every American person in mind. Thus, even if some of the concepts are complex, they are written in a manner that makes each of these principles simple and very convenient to understand.

One of the basic points of the book is to make sure that you can avoid debt, if not greatly reduce it so you’ll be able to increase your savings. Contrary to popular belief, though having a business seems to be a bright way to become wealthy, it isn’t the only path. Moreover, one cannot get into business until one has proven he or she is good in managing his or her financial obligations.

A huge part of the book is dedicated to credit card as until now Americans don’t know how to properly use these plastics to their advantage. To make matters worse, new graduates find themselves in a very dangerous situation since most of them immediately grab and rely on cards for almost everything.

The book also tackles investing, as this is the best approach to financial freedom. Yes, no one has reached the status of Warren Buffett or Bill Gates by being an employee. Instead, these icons have put their money on strategies that help them generate passive income—that is, income that goes into their bank accounts with the least effort at their end.

The book is currently available in Amazon.com for free. This way, anyone will be able to read and learn from the simple but proven techniques to say good-bye to unmanageable debts and say hello to more savings and more profits.


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