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Anthony and Christina Murray of The Sisterhood

Anthony and Christina Murray of The Sisterhood

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Christina Murray

Christina Murray

At first glance, Christina and Anthony Murray may look like your average contemporary couple. Every day they report to work, take care of their two daughters Jade and Jesna, and even run their own businesses. At night, they share a meal together talking about what happened in their day.

But the Murray’s are definitely of a different league. They’re not just managing people but they’re leading a congregation. They are taking care of not only their kids but also over 2,000 men and women who are now part of the Oasis Family Life Church.

Of Service to God and Fellowmen

Mr. Murray is more commonly known by a lot of people in Atlanta as Pastor Anthony. The young-looking man traveled all the way to Paulding around 2006, together with his wife to strengthen their faith and follow the calling of the Lord—that is, build a church. As expected, the many years proved to be not a walk in the park. But with God’s devotion to his promises, the Murray’s, especially Pastor Anthony, persevered.

Today, Oasis Family Life is a growing community that is also recognized by other churches and Christians around the globe.

All credits don’t go to Pastor Anthony, however. As they say, behind every man is a woman—and a dynamic, smart, sexy, and independent at that. First Lady, Christina Murray proves to be just as goal oriented yet faith centric as her husband.

Though she is more known as the First Lady of Oasis Family Life, Christina actually wears too many hats. She isn’t only a mother and a wife, but she’s also an entrepreneur. She has her own clothing line, with cuts she often describes as sexy but decent. She’s also a daughter, motivational speaker, and a women’s advocate, teaching the ladies in her church how to create goals and reach them.

Breaking Conventions

Christina & Anthony Murray

Christina & Anthony Murray

Lately, she has become a celebrity, appearing on the hit reality show, The Sisterhood on TLC. A spin-off the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, The Sisterhood is a religious reality TV show she shares with the other leaders of the church, such as Rev. Mark and Ivy Couch .

The show, according to the First Ladies, is meant to do one thing: unveil the curtain. These women and their respective husbands are subjected to a lot of conventions or traditions that do not hold as true or right anymore. Christina, for one, admits that they are not perfect,

But Christina, as well as the rest of the girls, is quick to point out they’re not after the fame or the melodrama. They are out to prove one thing: they can be strong ladies serving God, loving their family, and taking care of their flock. and they do face a lot of challenges personally, particularly as women. As a Dominican married to an African American, she needs to deal with the differences in culture. She has two growing-up girls who are going to date eventually and so there’s issues about sex, finance, and beauty.


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