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Diane Namm – Children’s Author | Filmmaker

Diane Namm – Children’s Author | Filmmaker

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Diane Namm - Children's Author | Filmmaker

Diane Namm – Children’s Author | Filmmaker

While a lot of people spend the rest of their lives figuring out their purpose, highly acclaimed director, screenwriter, producer, and children’s book author Diane Namm has always known that she wants to delve in the world of literature. So she took the necessary steps to ensure she can reach her dreams and inspire others to do the same.

From the moment she saw Braveheart, she believed that she was meant to be a female filmmaker and screenwriter. She then spent a huge part of her life running toward it. She polished her writing by creating several teen novels and film scripts, which allowed her to find her own voice along the way.

She first worked in New York City under several publishing companies such as Simon & Schuster, Grosset & Dunlap, and MacMillan Publishing as a writer and editor of children’s books. On the side, aside from authoring children’s books, she was developing stage plays.

To fully prepare for her first script, she let other people’s work motivate her. Diane also enrolled in different workshops such as that of American Film Institute (AFI), Beyond Structure of David Freeman, and Story Structure of Bob McKee.

Diane uses her creativity to bring a very strong message to the audience without being too preachy or drowning the artistic value of her work. She wrote Warrior Queen, about Iceni Queen Boadicea. It eventually won the Television Movie Award from AFI. She created Greed as a way of telling the world women can also write thrillers, as well as Sacrifice, which was about United States’ child brides.

Today Diane is bringing her passion to a whole new level. She created Lady of the Canyon, an all-media company that publishes her projects, whether they are books, films, or online media. Her latest film is Finding Hope, a short derived from The Sacrifice. It has already won her some awards such as 2011 NYTV Festival Best Drama. She also has Ordinary People Do Extraordinary Things, Sasa, and The Amazing Pigeon Race under her name.

Diane is also created as the director for A Day in the Life of Amy Zeronian, a documentary, and Telemafia. She wrote and produced We’ll Always Have Dingle, which was released in 2010.

On the other hand she has published more than 70 titles, a number of which are due for release in the coming months. Some of her well-known children’s books are the Classic Starts series, Three Little Pigs (with Scott Wakefield), Never Tell Ben, Pick a Pet (with Maribel Suarez), First Love, and Monsters (with Maxie Chambliss).

Diane encourages others to believe as well as pursue their creative passion. She founded a non-profit organization called West Of Broadway, which just received a grant from the Performing Arts Council of Los Angeles. So far they had already performed more than 6 stage plays in various venues such as Santa Monica Playhouse and Edgemar Center for the Arts. She was also the former artist in residence for Pasadena Playhouse and mentored for Create Now Project.

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