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Dr. Michael Cotton on Higher Brain Living

Dr. Michael Cotton on Higher Brain Living

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Dr. Michael Cotton on Higher Brain Living

Dr. Michael Cotton on Higher Brain Living

Every year millions of people die from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer. Many fall into depression and suffer from a very high level of anxiety. We try to reduce these occurrences by offering all sorts of high-dose medications, yet they don’t permanently work. This is because we don’t really go to the root cause: stress.

Our body is wonderfully designed; it has its own capability to heal and achieve balance. It also has very high limits. But there are times when it becomes so stretched that we can already feel the ill effects. This is what we call stress.

The body doesn’t have the mechanism to differentiate between big and small stress, so it treats all kinds of it pretty much the same way. Chronic stress can lead to high blood pressure and cholesterol level, stomach pains, ulcers, yeast infection, decreased sex drive, insomnia, and obesity. Stress also triggers all of the major diseases in the world.

But why do we develop stress in the first place? It’s something to do with the brain. Our brain is a very complex organic machine that there are actually a lot of things we don’t know about it yet. What we are sure of is that it’s divided into different sections, which then govern how we function. Most of the information we receive is perceived by the lower brain, which is also known as the survival brain. As its name suggests, its main concern is how to make you survive everyday living. It’s where you mostly make your decisions based on the data that is already stored in there. The use of the lower brain goes back to thousands of years ago. It’s what allows generations to thrive.

Nevertheless, there’s one huge problem with survival brain: it is so selective that it makes you feel limited. It is filled with fear and trepidation, which then immediately increases your stress level. So what usually happens is you try to honor such fear and anxiety. In the process, as a person you’re not really achieving the full potential of your being but merely coasting through life.

Higher Brain Living

The concept of higher brain living is actually nothing new. In fact, you’re using it. However, unlike the lower brain, we make use of only 5 percent of it—which means we’re not reaching our maximum potential. The higher brain, although seldom untapped and harness, is the source of more insight, joy, and happiness. It doesn’t mean you’re making biased or foolish decisions. It’s just that you recognize that you have the power to control or even eliminate fear. When that happens, you become less stressed and more focused on life’s purpose.

The higher brain living by Dr. Michael Cotton, meanwhile, is a special process that helps everyone open, tap, and unleash the power of the higher brain. It is composed of 22 sessions performed by recognized facilitators. In every session, certain body points are tapped gently on a correct sequence and at the right time, allowing a powerful positive energy to flow and go into the higher brain.

Do you wish to experience it today? Look for a facilitator near your area today.

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