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Dr. Will Moreland on Genius Potential

Dr. Will Moreland on Genius Potential

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Dr. Will Moreland on Genius Potential!

Dr. Will Moreland on Genius Potential

Dr. Will Moreland on Genius Potential

Humans love to define things in number. For example, those who have a body mass index of around 30 and above are considered obese. People who are six inches are considered tall, and Bill Gates with billions worth of assets, is deemed one of the richest persons in the world. When it comes to intelligence, numbers also play a huge role. Albert Einstein had an IQ from 160 to 180, making him a genius. In other words, numbers tend to determine who we are, whether we are large, intelligent, smart, tall, or voluptuous. Figures also make it so much easier for us to classify ourselves.

However, this can also cause a potential issue. What happens when you don’t fit into any of these numbers? What if your IQ is below 160? Does that mean you’re not genius and therefore not smart and intelligent? Wouldn’t that initial realization dampen your spirit and decrease your motivation?

Fortunately there’s one man that attempts to redefine the word “genius”: Dr. Will Moreland.

Tapping on the Genius Potential

Dr. Will Moreland had to go through countless trials before he’s able to achieve the incredible success he’s enjoying right now. He grew up knowing that his father was bound to spend a long time in jail. This forced his mother to raise two children all by herself in Compton, California. But then again, around this time, the area itself was horrendous. Various societal problems continued to increase, and more people were succumbing to gang violence, drug issues, and homicides and murders.

When you’re thrown these huge lemons, it’s more convenient to give up and follow the tide. But Will Moreland had a totally different idea on how he wanted to live his life. He taught himself how to succeed. For twenty years, he read almost a thousand books and learned as much as he can from the experts in leadership and personal development. He didn’t stop there. More than anything, he applied everything he had learned.

Today Dr. Will Moreland is a renowned consultant, author, trainer, and speaker. He has been nominated for 2013 Top Thought Leader and Top Small Business Influencer. He has written more than 25 books and has helped build over 10 companies. He also founded and is managing Will Moreland International.

Through his book called The Genius Potential, he introduced a brand-new meaning to the word “genius”—that is, “Live in Victory Every Day while Getting Engaged in Unique Significance.” The book, which is now available as a hardbound and a Kindle in Amazon, reveals the most sensible, easy-to-follow, practical, spot-on tips to help you get into your genius potential that should already be unleashed.

Dr. Moreland is also bringing the powerful message to as many people as he can. He has already gone through more than 30 countries and has presented the idea to no less than 1,500 seminars and conferences about personal, business, and team development.

The Genius Potential is for everyone—for the lost souls, unmotivated people, and those who need some more push. It is for those who don’t want to be limited to numbers only.

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