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Marala Scott – Oprah’s Ambassador of Hope, Award-Winning Author & Motivational Speaker

Marala Scott – Oprah’s Ambassador of Hope, Award-Winning Author & Motivational Speaker

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the Oprah’s Ambassador of Hope, Award-Winning Author & Motivational Speaker

Marala Scott

Marala Scott

Even the most disappointing of starts leads to a good future. This was the case of Marala Scott. Her story didn’t have the best of beginnings, but now she uses that painful start to help others learn how to forgive, accept challenges, and adapt to changes in life.

Before becoming a multi award-winning author, Marala had a childhood filled with abuse. Her memories of abuse began as early as five years old. She and her family were living in a tenement apartment in upstate New York at that time. Marala vividly remembers her father coming home from work then have heated arguments with her mother that included pushing and shoving.

Marala said that her dad “had a special combination of hatred and abuse” for her. Throughout her childhood, her father ingrained in her mind that she was not good for anything but making babies because she was a woman. The verbal – and physical abuse – that received from her father lasted for 17 years which led her to hate herself more and more.

When she was 17 years old, Marala left home for college. However, she could never put her abusive history behind her. It wasn’t when she had her son and daughter did she learn to let go of her painful past. She didn’t want her children to live in the cycle of abuse that she, her older brothers, her mother, and even her father experienced.

Marala decided that she had to learn how to forgive her father in order for her to move on. She believed that by doing this, she was going to begin the life that God had planned for her and her children. A life that wasn’t something that her father created and controlled.

When she went through the whole process of forgiveness, she realized that she wasted a lot of years of her life thinking about the abusive memories and flashbacks and letting them run her life. Having gone through all this, she decided to write a book about her life story. She recorded the details of her life in a book called “In Our House: Perception vs. Reality” which she wrote together with her husband Tre’ Parker.

In the book “In Our House,” she takes her readers through her life story and details the unimaginable events of her past in a very descriptive manner. With her words, readers can feel the beatings she received as if they were really there when it happened. By providing very vivid descriptions, she was able to let her readers understand the destruction of domestic violence and child abuse.

It was R&B singer Tyrese Gibson who supported Marala’s effort to share her story. And she has been doing this ever since. Marala visits colleges on a regular basis to help young men and women understand abuse. She tells them tips such as understanding the signs of an abuser as well as letting them know how to get help before it’s too late.

For Marala, silence is deadly. She believes that those who are being abused should speak out. She didn’t want others to experience what her mother went through by not refusing to speak out. Marala’s mother stayed silent and didn’t stand a chance at protecting herself or her children from the abuse they received from her father. She believes that by sharing her mother’s story as well as her own, others can be saved from the abusive relationships they are in.

Marala_1Marala has now earned a lot of awards and accolades for her inspiring work. One of the biggest recognitions that were bestowed upon her was the “Ambassador of Hope” title given to her by none other than talk show host Oprah. Other than that, she has also received a number of accolades from different organizations, including:

  • 2013 Internal Book Awards Finalist
  • 2013 National Indie Excellence Award Winner
  • 2009 Premier Book Awards 2nd Place
  • 2009 International Book Awards Finalist
  • 2009 National Indie Excellence Book Awards Winner
  • 20 Outstanding Women You Should Know
  • Special Congressional Recognition for Outstanding and Invaluable Service to the Community
  • United States Senate, Sherrod Brown, In Recognition of Advocacy to Prevent Abuse and Domestic Violence
  • Ohio House of Representatives Special Recognition for Humanitarian Concern


Marala is also the author of several books, including:

Marala loves cooking, fishing, inspiring, ghostwriting, reading, and laughing from her soul.


Website: www.maralascott.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/marala.scott

Twitter: www.twitter.com/maralascott

Blogger: www.inourhouse907.blogspot.com

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