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Most Beautiful Girl in the World – Lizzie Velasquez

Most Beautiful Girl in the World – Lizzie Velasquez

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Lizzie VelasquezLizzie Velasquez is no stranger to almost all types of bullying. In fact, just a few years ago, insensitive idiots on the internet dubbed her as the ugliest woman in the world. Yet the 23-year-old woman from Texas remains undaunted. Rather, she showed the world that she is actually the most beautiful girl on the planet.

Her Rarity

Lizzie Velasquez is not that different than the other girls her age. She hangs out with her friends, loves to be with her family, and enjoys learning and exploring a lot of things. But others see her as odd man out because of the conditions she has had all throughout her life.

She was born with an undetermined syndrome that prevents her body from storing fat and building up muscles. Thus, even if she is already in her prime, she still weighs no more than 65 pounds. She can eat whatever she wants—she sometimes consume more than 6,000 calories in a single day, way beyond the recommended dietary allowance by health experts—to and not gain anything at all. This medical problem is extremely rare there are only two other cases like it in the world.

Aside from her frail frame, Lizzie is also showing signs similar to those with progeria: wrinkled skin and small mouth. Moreover, she is now blind in one of her eyes while the other doesn’t function the way it used to before.

Fighting Back the Bullies

Because of how she is outwardly, it was easy for a lot of bullies to give her the tagline of the ugly woman—and Lizzie definitely admits that despite her tough persona and everything she has accomplished so far it does hurt quite a lot. Absolutely, she has cried in many instances too.

But if there’s one thing she’s extremely good at, it’s in the power of positive thinking.

By doing this alone, she has inspired hundreds of people from all walks of life through her speaking engagements. Her inspirational and powerful story has reached various countries such as Japan, Italy, Romania, Portugal, Indonesia, Turkey, Sweden, Ecuador, Vietnam, and China. She has also journeyed thousands of miles telling kids especially that bullying is not cool and insecurities can be controlled—that everyone can rise up against their emotional and physical challenges and end up victorious.

Lizzie has appeared in some of the biggest TV shows like Dr. Drew, Today Show, Domingo Espectacular, Inside Edition, and Syndicated. She has even conquered YouTube with some of her videos watched more than 5 million times.

She has also written two best-selling books, namely, Be Beautiful, Be You and Lizzie Beautiful, which has been already been translated to Spanish, Lizzie Bellisima.

Lizzie acknowledges that she gets a lot of her motivation and inspiration from her family, especially her parents, her sister Marina, and her brother Chris. Yet without a shadow of a doubt, she also draws strength from everybody else who considers her beautiful and who’s finding people’s sometimes-too-limited ideas of prettiness.

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