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The Philippe Matthews Show “Self Mastery” University Course (BETA)

The Philippe Matthews Show “Self Mastery” University Course (BETA)


Are You Unconsciously Resistant to Wealth, Success, Health, Happiness and Prosperity?


Have you ever considered that financial struggle is genetic and not environmental or societal?

What is the real reason why people succeed and others do not who have the same opportunities?

What causes us to work so hard to reach a goal and when we do we either sabotage it or we are not able to hold on to it?

What if the chronic stress of financial struggle, lack and limitation can alter the neurobiology of the brain — creating the number one reason for mental illness?


New EPIGENETIC RESEARCH suggests that it is ESSENTIAL for you to retrain your brain and nervous system to permanently alter, deter or eliminate the negative biological tags that may have interrupted or taken control of your DNA ever since you were born!

(Dr. Louann Brezendine)



  • Financial struggle and poverty is an addiction no different than an alcoholic or substance abuse victim!
  • Chronic challenges, problems, lack, limitations and struggles are not normal!
  • Living paycheck to paycheck, over time creates PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome)!
  • Not finding the right LOVE of your life or the inability to fall or be in LOVE weakens the immune system and can cause numerous physical / mental health related problems; even premature death!
  • Long-term exposure to trauma and drama will cause a part of your brain called the vmPFC (Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex) to no longer function; forcing you to become resistant to positive changes of any kind and cause you to make illogical, self-sabotaging and dangerous decisions in your life!
  • Depending upon the last three generations of your heredity line, you may be genetically pre-programmed to struggle and fail in life regardless of your best efforts, education, knowledge and abilities!
  • Most Self Help Systems, Pop Psychology and Positive Thinking Programs are not enough to sustain long-term potentiation as it relates to what is needed to forge new, epigenetic tags.
  • Some people have become ADDICTED to Self Help Systems, Pop Psychology and Positive Thinking Programs and can no longer manifest their dreams or desires!

The Epigenetics of Poverty Creates Premature Puberty in Girls!




In order to override the long-term negative effects of your epigenetics and heredity, you must engage in an extended and sustainable program that constantly forces your brain to make new associations and neural nets to ensure your nervous system has created a new, positive, epigenetic set point!




“When you become a master of your life, you become a master of all areas, aspects, events and experiences in your life!”
— Philippe SHOCK Matthews

It is essential that you learn how to become a “MASTER OF MATTER”, which will allow you to have total MASTERY over your wealth, health, happiness, relationships and well being because if you don’t, it can and will negatively impact your family for the next three generations.



May I have 365 days of your time to permanently and positively affect the next three generations of your life and your family?!

sp-pm3-from_the_authorAs the Host of the Philippe Matthews Show LIVE, Executive Director of the How Movement and former Spiritual Director of the Shock Institute of Advanced Manifestation, over the last 20 years, I have collected, curated and amassed an amazing and ENORMOUS PERSONAL LIBRARY of personal, audio and video interviews with many of the world’s most notable and effective thought leaders, change agents, gurus and czars of personal, professional and spiritual development!

I would like to share with you the blessing and gift that has been given to me as the gift of knowledge, wisdom and self efficacy via the Philippe Matthews Show “Self Mastery” University Course (Beta)!

On Set with Stedman GrahamI have learned over the years through countless one-on-one interviews with the most elite thinkers and change agents in the world how to become one of these people who have epigenetically learned how to prosper through all types of crisis no matter how devastating the outcome. So, I’ve decided to share with you what has worked for me and countless others!

  • What if you had 24/7 access to the world’s most brilliant minds, thought leaders, change agents, spiritual wealth, health and business gurus?
  • What if you could instantly download and review interviews with these masters on your phone, tablet, laptop or any internet connected device regardless of where you were located in the world?
  • What if each week for an ENTIRE YEAR, you could learn how to retrain your brain and nervous system to create positive epigenetic tags that would literally have a positive ripple effect for the next three generations?

The Philippe Matthews Show “Self Mastery” University Course (BETA)
will turn your phone, tablet or laptop into a SUCCESS University Program!

The Philippe Matthews Show “Self Mastery” University Course (BETA), is a 52-week course delivered directly to your inbox each week with actionable “themed” content that I have personally curated and designed just for you; complete with lesson plans, bonus audio and video downloads and select interviews from master Thought Leaders, Change Agents, Gurus and Experts in the field of Personal Growth Development, Spiritual Development, Professional Development, Financial, Wealth and Prosperity Development.

Your Self Mastery Faculty/Trainers

lisa-nichols1003716_10151737258394770_1522606503_nPhilippe SHOCK Matthews, Barbara Corcoran, Dr. Lois Frankel, Lori Mackey, Natalie Pace, Dr. Penelope Tzougros, John Perkins, Odette Laurie, Suze Orman, Tamara Draught, Dr. John F. Demartini (Star of the Secret), Lisa Nichols, Marion Baker, Dr. Louann Brizendine, Dr. Eric Pearl (The Reconnection), Dr. Michael Cotton (The Higher Brain Living® “HBL” Technique), Margaret Ruby (DNA Activation), Dr. William Tiller (Conscious Acts of Creation), Dr. Andrew Newberg – (Neuroscience: Why We Believe What We Believe), Dr. Denis Waitley (The Psychology of Winning), Dr. Stanley H. Block (Mental Control: Bridging & Awareness Technique), Dr. Susan Blackmore (Mastering the Mind and Memetics), Renee Mollan Masters (You Are Smarter Than You Think Technique), Mark Anthony (The Psychic Lawyer), Meg Haworth, Russell Friedman, Terrie Williams, Peggy Sealfon, Denise Matthews, Jessica Cox, Marianne Williamson (The Gift of Change), Lizzie Velasquez, Charlene Costanzo, Marala Scott, Regina Cates, Janet Love, Paramahansa Jagadish, Carter Phipps, William Whitecloud, Deepak Chopra, Fred Alan Wolf (Star of What the Bleep), Jeffrey Satinover (The Marianne Williamson endorses the Shock Philosophy

Stars of the Philippe Matthews Show - Suze OrmanQuantum Brain), Dr. Bernard Haisch (The God Theory), Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey (Children of NOW), Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dianne Collins (Quantum Thinking), Daniel Rechnitzer (The All-Knowing Diary), Jacqueline Ripstein, Lynne McTaggart, Rizwan Virk, Temple Hayes, Dr. Cuttie Bacon III, Ken McElroy, Mike Summey, Stedman Graham, Heidi Bressler (The Apprentice), Jessica Conners (The Apprentice), Kristi Frank (The Apprentice), Troy McClain (The Apprentice), Robert Kiyosaki, T. Harv Eker (Secrets of a Millionaire Mind), John Cerasani, Marc Ostrofsky, Michael Gerber, Cris Van Cleeput, Kevin D. Johnson, Ryan Mack, Bob Proctor, Les Brown, Russell Simmons, Mark Victor Hansen, Gail Thackray, Robert G. Allen, Sherrin Ross Ingram (Wealth Mentality), Debbie Friedman, Rev. Diane Harmony and more!

Learn How to Rebuild Your Nervous System

Here is What You Will Receive With Your Enrollment:

  • Real training with the masters of mind, money and manifestation without the upsell
  • Content rich lesson plans that are designed to immediately change your life
  • Each week a PDF lesson plan for the week ahead
  • Immediate daily access to video streaming, audio (Mp3) downloads and PDF lesson plans from a Master Instructor
  • One full year of guaranteed content programming content to permanently change your life and set a new level of mindset
  • Bonus audio downloads (mp3’s) for your personal empowerment digital library
  • 24/7 unlimited access to your content, audios and lesson plans and personal online library
  • Free lifetime content updates for the duration of your enrollment
  • Fixed price enrollment: (Once you subscribe, your subscription rate will never increase unless you cancel)
  • Cancel your subscription at anytime
  • Weekly recommended reading library
  • Automatic course updates

To Further Note…

It does not matter what your faith or religious background is, it does not matter what your education or income level is; this is a HUMAN RACE SELF-MASTERS COURSE for those wanting to learn how to immediately implement the tools and resources of those rare individuals who are immune to lack, limitations, financial struggle and environmental crisis.

Course Benefits:

  • This 52-week course will put your brain on autopilot to fight the epigenetics that can override your DNA and force you to self-sabotage your life; causing you to unconsciously make decisions that will keep you locked in a cycle of financial struggle, unhappy relationships, poor health, unfulfilled work, depression and more.
  • This program will train you to unleash your Autodidact (Automatic Teacher/Learner).
  • This course will immediately stop you from CURRENTLY LIVING OUT all of the lack, limitation, problems, challenges and struggles from your previous three generations!
  • You will learn the mental process to BOMBARD and SATURATE your nervous system with powerful knowledge, wisdom and information to create new, positive epigenetic tags that will release you from your current automated, DNA self-bondage.
  • If you find yourself stuck or repeating, experiencing the same or similar problem or challenge over and over again and nothing you have done has been able to change it; you may have epigenetic tags that are interrupting and controlling the natural positive response of your DNA
  • Challenging your brain, nervous system with new, positive information that engages all of your senses and is sustained over an extended period of time will cause your immune system to strengthen and improve
  • This audio, video and PDF lesson course is one full year in length because it will ensure that the new epigenetic programming of your nervous system will be sustainable.
  • Whenever you introduce new information into the brain to alter/change the nervous system, if you do not sustain that new information and activate it, the brain will slowly remove your new programming and cause you to remain at a psychological, spiritual set point just like your metabolism has a set point for your body weight.
  • By absorbing the weekly digested lessons and actively engaging with this content for an entire year, you force the brain to accept the new knowledge/information as a new set point that your brain and nervous system will accept and generate.

This Course Will Turn You Into An Autodidact!


  • Anyone who is unconsciously resistant or self-sabotaging to success, wealth, optimal health, quality relationships, or achievement, etc
  • Anyone who is stuck in a rut
  • Anyone who keeps taking two steps up and three steps back and can’t get ahead
  • Single parents struggling to create a better life for their children and themselves
  • Anyone who has bought, purchased several self help systems and after a period of time stopped working
  • Anyone who has forced themselves to remain positive but life keeps adding more and more challenges and problems
  • Anyone living paycheck to paycheck
  • Anyone at the breaking point of giving up on a better life and manifesting their dreams
  • Anyone who is secretly ashamed of themselves because they have not achieved what they have expected of themselves and others assume you have
  • Anyone suffering from debilitating depression that cannot seem to manifest or sustain their next level living
  • Anyone who has or is suffering from a traumatic loss and can’t seem to move forward with their lives
  • Anyone who keeps attracting multiple problems and challenges and can never regain their footing in life



  • Certificate of Completion
    • After you’ve successfully completed the Philippe Matthews Show “Self Mastery” University Course (BETA), you’ll receive a frame-worthy certificate of completion signed by Philippe SHOCK Matthews! Your family and friends can then seek advice from you on how they can reprogram their epigenetics to positively change their lives and the future lives of their generation
  • Access to Exclusive Facebook Networking Group
    • It is virtually impossible to permanently change your epigenetic code without a network of like-minded individuals sharing their stories of enlightenment and demonstration! This exclusive Facebook group will allow you to share ideas and brainstorm with Philippe SHOCK Matthews and special “Admins” along with select, like minded students who can offer you feedback, advice, and/or additional resources to make a permanent change to your epigenetic code.



The Philippe Matthews Show “Self Mastery” University Course (BETA) is being introduced for a limited time only at the special rate of:

Only $6.95/month!!
(Reg. $49.95/month – $600.95/year)!


$15.95/3mon (24% discount)
$25.95/6mon (38% discount)
$45.95/1year (45% discount)


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