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We All Have a Choice Point – Harry Massey

We All Have a Choice Point – Harry Massey

Exclusive Interview with Harry Massey of Choice Point!
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We All Have a Choice Point - Harry Massey

We All Have a Choice Point - Harry Massey

Do you ever find yourself wondering where exactly you’re going? Do you feel as if something is missing in your life, that there’s no such thing as balance? Are you always searching or living a less meaningful or, worse, purposeless life?

Then you’re not alone. Millions have the same question as yours, but some of them have found the light—and their lives are never the same again. They get themselves into Choice Point.

The Growing Movement

Choice Point is a movement that is established by the critically acclaimed Harry Massey. He’s both a writer and a director, having produced a documentary named after it. He also co-founded a company that champions a more holistic and natural health care system known as NES Health Limited.

More than anything else, however, he is a visionary. He has walked the same path you’re in right now, but eventually he’s discovered the best route. Now he’s sharing what it is to the rest of the world through inspiration and transformation.

The Message

Choice Point is all about creating the wisest and best decisions in your life, for no one else can do that except you. It also tells you to be accountable with your own decisions simply because they affect not just the people closest to you but the others who are associated with them. Simply put, every decision you make has consequences and impact in the world.

You may ask, “How is this going to give my life some purpose and direction?” Simple. For one, you begin to live for others, not just for yourself. Second, you realize that you are not just a speck of dust in the universe but a huge contributor to the future and that you’re a potential steward of change, but only if you make the right decisions for yourself.

Choice Point improvement affects different areas in your life. First, it directs attention to yourself, as you’re the beginning of everything, the catalyst of change. There’s also focus on your health, from your mind to your body. When you are healthy, you can do more, and you think better. Third is socialization. Choice Point reminds you that you are not a lone island, and you’re better off learning from other people’s experiences as they also help enrich your life. In the same way, your journey inspires others.

Join the Movement

The first thing you have to do is to watch the video, the documentary, which is available for free streaming. This is how you can fully understand the cause of the movement. Then share the message by spreading the link of the video to your social network or media, as well as via e-mails. Increase the community by holding special screenings, the proceeds of which can go to your charity or organization of choice.

Choice Point is also found in Facebook, but the best option is to sign up for free. Access the other videos, interact with the rest of the community, read, learn, share ideas, and change your path—for the better.

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