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What’s New with Ona Brown

What’s New with Ona Brown

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What's New with Ona Brown

What’s New with Ona Brown

There are public speakers and there are coaches. Ona Brown certainly belongs to the latter. For more than 10 years that she has been a force of positive change in the industry; able to prove not only her excellent public speaking skills but also her strong desire and ability to motivate thousands of people, including top business leaders in more than 10 countries across large continents.

But who is Ona Brown? How is she able to do it? What is her biggest desire?

Ona Brown is the daughter of Les Brown, a motivational coach and icon. His strong capacity to speak had made him a household name. He has published various bestselling books that allowed him to share his knowledge and “coach” on a regular basis.

It’s therefore easy to say that Ona simply followed her father’s footsteps. It may be true—but only up to a certain point. Ona also knew that for her to succeed and to be truly effective in the industry, she needed to learn the ropes all by herself and eventually step out from her father’s large shadow. It’s also safe to assume that she was pushed by her father to go beyond what he had accomplished.

Ona definitely did all of these. She made human development her passion and core of existence. She took the right education, did intensive research, and trained with the masters. Even after she attained a long list of accomplishments, she never stops learning.

The rewards of her hard work and commitment are astounding. As a “results coach” that champions women empowerment, she was able to build her own company known as World Impact Now. From there, she offers a wide range of services that include business growth, change management, life-work balance, leadership, message development, motivation, presentation skills, customer service, and diversity solutions.

Ona uses high-impact training to avoid the monotony or drag that often happens during workshops and seminars, especially those that last for hours. This is then combined with a lot of practical approaches and methods of motivation that help solve some of life’s difficult challenges and problems.

Over the years, she has gone beyond people’s pre-conceived limits, and she’s now aiding people to do the same thing. Hence, when a person sits in one of her workshops, he or she can expect to be compelled to get out of the comfort zone, explore, and discover new things and beat the conventional limitations. As the person goes through these different stages, brand-new big opportunities start to open, and like Ona, they can dream bigger and bolder. They find success a lot easier to achieve.

More than Ona’s impressive résumé, training, and expertise, she has the sincere heart to help people lead, and you can feel her soaring loving energy when she speaks and reaches out to you. It’s that kind of commitment, desire, and drive that catapulted her to become one of the most effective “success-ologist” today.

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