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Charlene Costanzo on Touchstones: Stories for Living the Twelve Gifts

Charlene Costanzo on Touchstones: Stories for Living the Twelve Gifts

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Charlene Costanzo, Touchstones

Charlene Costanzo, Touchstones

Everybody goes through his or her own journey, and a lot prefer to keep it that way: in solitude. Charlen Costanzo also had the same option, but she chose not to. With that, she blessed the world with several tales of love, hope, inspiration, and healing chronicled in her Twelve Gifts series.

Charlene Gorda Costanzo has achieved what every writer wants in his or her career. She has published more than 3 books under her name, created best-sellers out of them, traveled 96 percent of the entire country on board an RV, blissfully married to the love of her life, and adored by her two grown-up daughters, who gifted her with doting grandchildren. She also has an extensive educational background in spiritual psychology and philosophy.

Yet she also went through numerous challenges, battles that tested her steadfastness, wits, and faith. Instead of letting these consume her, she rose and inspired the world.

The Twelve Gifts of Birth had quite a long history. Its pages began filling up during the late 1980s. Like any typical loving mother raising two daughters who were quickly growing up right before her eyes, she wanted to give the present of assurance so her ladies would never lose their confidence. She then remembered her Sleeping Beauty and the royal gifts. She wanted to do the same thing for her kids.

The book, however, went beyond her own children. She took it and its powerful message across schools, facilities, prisons—everywhere—touching the lives of kids and teenagers who were afflicted with all types of abuse, giving them back their self-worth, trust, and dignity.

The Twelve Gifts for Healing was the fictional tale of a woman who asked for assistance from a sage that she’d be healed, but it resonated deep into the wells of Charlene, who was then going through her own search for recovery: she was diagnosed with cancer. In the end, her affirmations brought not only healing but also hope to her and other people’s lives.

The Touchstones: Stories for Living the Twelve Gifts is one of Charlene’s brand-new presents to her fans and to everyone who needs a dose of inspiration and motivation every day. It is a reflection of her journey all throughout the years, especially during her book tour. More than a story, it is forwarded message that in each one of us is already a gift that we have to acknowledge and appreciate. Once we do that, we can add more meaning and happiness to life.

Charlene has written other books, such as Twelve Gifts in Marriage and The Thirteenth Gift. She has also reaped numerous awards: Gold IPPY Award in 2011, Arizona Book Publishing GLYPH Awards for Best Spiritual Book and Best Book categories, outstanding literary achievement for The Twelve Gifts of Birth in Scotty Award, and Gift Book Bronze Award from Foreword.

These books are now available in CD and DVD formats. Her website also features other noteworthy “presents,” like a Forgiveness Calendar and coloring pages inspired by the Twelve Gifts series.

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