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Gail Thackray on John of God

Gail Thackray on John of God

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Gail Thackray on John of God!

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Gail Thackray on John of God

Gail Thackray on John of God


Gail Thackray often describes her growing-up years as normal. Born in Yorkshire, England, she grew up surrounded with a lot of animals. She also enjoyed being with friends, organizing small parties for them. One of her favorite activities was the Garden Party where she played Gypsy Rosalie, complete with costumes and fortune telling. For her, doing all of these were fun and great sources of pleasant memories once she matured.

Well, she did age, but the normalcy took an entirely different turn. What was once a passing, crazy, and “laughed at” fortune telling started to feel real. Her childhood friends came to her one by one, sharing how her “predictions” eventually came true. It was then she realized that maybe she wasn’t average at all.

Pursuing the Gift

While a lot of spiritually gifted people would prefer to retreat and not speak anything about it, the popular medium, animal communicator, and healer Gail opts to take the journey and hone it. When she came to the United States, she discovered the power of Reiki through her aunt, a master. She explored mediumship and animal communication via training with a British psychic. Gail’s newfound abilities definitely took her to a whole new realm of discoveries, opportunities, and continued spiritual growth.

For the past few years, Gail has invited hundreds of people to join her in her spiritual journeys to the John of God, a trans medium who currently lives in Brazil. She also facilitates the distance or remote healing, where individuals who are suffering from a physical, mental, or emotional illness can receive the spiritual energy of John of God. This is completely for free once you subscribe to the mailing list of Gail. All those in her list receive nonlocality healing from her as well.

She has many books under her name such as 30 Days to Prosperity; How to Talk to Your Pets: Animal Communication for Dogs, Cats, and Other Critters; and a series of Reiki manuals. She has also released a DVD entitled Healing: Miracles, Mysteries, and John of God in 2011.

As a medium, she communicates to family and friends who are already on the other side. She then serves as a vessel for the deceased and the living to send messages to each other. Her high intuition and spirituality allows her to course through very clear messages. Her warmth and empathy, meanwhile, give her the ability to send comfort and love to those who are lonely and missing their dearly departed.

Her Ultimate Passion: Teaching

Though she greatly enjoys and loves the things she’s doing for others, she believes the rest will begin to understand, appreciate, and even use their own spiritual gifts if they know how. Thus, one of her greatest goals is to inspire and teach others. That took her to different health fairs and spiritual expositions such as in Earl’s Court, Toronto, New York, Ford Lauderdale, Honolulu, Chicago, Pasadena, and Portland. She gives talks about light beings, angels, and abundance manifestation, and life’s purpose.

With the help of her spirit, she’s making the lives of others as enriching as hers.




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