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John Adago on East Meets West

John Adago on East Meets West

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East Meets West by John Adago

East Meets West by John Adago

Who is John Adago?

A writer, lecturer and the leader of countless of study groups primarily geared to introducing seekers to the wonders of meditation and philosophy, John Adago is one of the few storytellers with rich accounts of spiritual experiences and encounters. Looking more into his past, he was one of the members of a group led by Willem Nyland, the spiritual teacher who was himself an early student of George Gurdieff. With Mr. Nyland’s influence, along with several significant encounters, John Adago was able to venture into the fascinating world of ancient spiritual knowledge and history that he was able to wonderfully transpire in his book, East Meets West.

What’s so special about the book?

East Meets West accounts how the Eastern philosophy came to be very well integrated into the daily lives of the millions of people residing in the West. The book mainly highlights the efforts of a select group of people who tirelessly endeavored their lives to instill Eastern knowledge into the deficient Western worldview.

From P.D. Ouspensky and G.I. Gurdieff, who both perceived missing elements in the Western ideas, through Maharishi Yogi, who first introduced the concept of meditation to the West, and finally to Shantananda Sarawati, the personality who taught the non-dualism philosophy to Leon McLaren and Francis Roles, this history book accounts the lives and the work of the individuals who brought about the bridging of the cultural division.

The chapters reveal so much about how migration was actually precipitated by several inspired men and women who lived by uncommon courage and discipline. These also include accounts about how “work” used to be done in the early days, emphasizing how it has now shifted to become more of a chore in today’s time. That this book has been made to impact people in the aspect of attitude makes it a very interesting read for everyone drawn into the spiritual practices of meditation, practical application of philosophical tenets and of self-remembering.

Aside from the accounts of influential spiritual leaders and their respective select groups, the book also includes the author’s own fascinating spiritual journey. In here, John Adago wonderfully details the great respect he has for his teachers, his experiences with several organizations and his learning about meditation and Eastern philosophy, including the “Fourth Way”. How he wrote about his practical understanding of all that he was taught is so palpable that it further adds to his book’s authenticity.

East Meets West Takes You on a Spiritual Journey

Reading East Meets West will take you on a spiritual journey you have never before experienced. Packed with rich historical information, lively dialogues and striking quotes, the book is one that that will stretch your mind and most especially your spirit. Set against a background of historical events narrating how Eastern wisdom penetrated the Western way of living, the book makes for an eye-opening read for everyone who were or are in “the work”, and a great introduction for people who wish to find out more about it. Simply put, it’s the kind of book you can give to just about anyone who thrives for sacred knowledge and works to realize the ultimate truth in their life.

East Meets West is a very compelling book that does an immense service to a lot of people – from those who it was written about, to those who it was written for. It illuminates a way for men and women to find truth and self-discovery, and accounts a very important story that deserves to be heard and read by the entire world.



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