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Mark Anthony – The Psychic Lawyer

Mark Anthony – The Psychic Lawyer

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Mark Anthony – The Psychic Lawyer

Mark Anthony – The Psychic Lawyer

Contrary to what other people would like to think, grief is a very natural process—emotion. Everyone is bound to feel the loss, pain, confusion, hurt, and disappointment at least once in his or her lifetime. Yet many are struggling on how to properly deal with it.

Grief is difficult for a lot of reasons. Perhaps it’s because we’re trained to seek for happiness but never how to cope with sadness and depression. We always tend to believe that we will never lose the things and people that matter to us the most. We feel that the loss of someone through divorce or death is a kind of rejection or abandonment. Most of all, we certainly don’t know what happens next. The thought of never experiencing our loved ones once again, for example, can be too much to bear. It doesn’t help that based on studies, it takes around 5 to 8 years before we can finally deal with the “new normal”—a part of our lives where we continue living even if a large piece of us is already missing.

The Promise of Hope

Grief can destroy a person and can even kill. That’s how serious it can be, especially for someone who doesn’t know how to properly deal with it. Mark Anthony certainly understands it as he himself has undergone a lot of losses. But what sets him apart from all the others who are emotionally, physically, and spiritually broken is the promise of hope he carries.

Mark Anthony is a psychic lawyer. He studied law in Georgia’s Mercer University and in England’s Oxford University. He is a renowned practicing attorney in Washington DC and Florida. He also serves the country’s Supreme Court. Although he finds great satisfaction in his own profession, his role goes beyond the courtroom.

As a psychic and medium, he offers one of the most incredible kinds of grief management: connecting people with their loved ones who have already crossed over to the Other Side (which is sometimes called heaven by those who practice religion). In a process called discernment, which can be conducted face-to-face or by phone, Mark Anthony is able to transmit the powerful messages of these loved ones, conveyed in a series of sounds, smell, and images, in the hope that the recipient realizes that he or she has never been forgotten—that life actually goes on but only at a different level. The messages provide warning, love, care, hope, and, most importantly, healing.

By combining his mediumship abilities and law background, Mark Anthony is further able to relate to his clients on a deeper and more personal level. His pleasing and amiable disposition can easily make someone feel more comfortable and thus more receptive to the messages.

Mark Anthony shares the message of hope from the Other Side in many different ways. He talks in several conferences and seminars across universities such as Harvard and Yale. He has appeared on major networks like NBC, Fox, CBS, and ABC. To make grief management more accessible and easier for everyone, he published one of the best-selling books on the subject: Never Letting Go: Heal Grief with Help from the Other Side.



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