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Rivvy Neshama on Recipes for a Sacred Life

Rivvy Neshama on Recipes for a Sacred Life

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Who is Rivvy Neshama?

Rivvy Neshama on Recipes for a Sacred Life

Rivvy Neshama on Recipes for a Sacred Life

At twenty-two years old, Rivvy Neshama’s mother gave her a book of handwritten recipes that taught her how to make a good roast and not much else. Not advice on how to establish a good marriage or even a good life. Instead, Rivvy had to go on a path with many twists and turns in order to find a connection with the sacred and add purpose in life.

Rivvy has held on to lots of jobs in the past. She has been a teacher and social worker in Harlem, a campaign manager in Boulder, a college instructor in Queens, and even a Tarot card reader at Macy’s on Halloween. Given such a storied life, it’s no wonder why she has an innate ability for storytelling, which is clearly shown in this book.

How interesting is the book?

Unlike a recipe book, Recipes for a Sacred Life takes chapters from the author’s own life, highlighting the most meaningful and inspiring ones. From dancing to forgiving to walking at dawn, the author details experiences that taught her how to live a good life. She doesn’t just stop with experiences, she also tells of meeting people such as a rabbi from Vienna down to Irish Rita from the Bronx, who have all told her how to live a life that is touched with sacredness.

The author starts off everything with The Basic Ingredients, which shows the steps to take towards making a connection with the sacred and adding purpose in life. It tells the story of her mother and both their outlooks on life and death. It’s a chapter devoted to blessings in a person’s life.

Rivvy also highlights points that helped her get through a variety of situations each day. One of these includes making time in your day for silent reflection. Basically, people spend a part of their day without saying a word and doing nothing. Another point she brought up was that simply taking a walk outside and being at one with nature really helps a lot.

Exciting stories from different people

She also relates a story of a woman she met named Billie. This story basically tells people to stop putting themselves down. Every person goes through emotional turmoil, but it’s not worth it to think so less of oneself. Another thing the author learned from Billie was to make lists, including the things that make one grateful. It’s said that putting everything down on a list can help lift any burden.

Another interesting story detailed by Rivvy is the meeting with Halil Baba who taught her about dealing with imperfections and sins. Everyone on this earth is flawed on a certain level, and everyone needs to develop compassion and use that to understand people who make mistakes.

The author also goes into a story about miracles and hope, which is basically what everyone is yearning for in the world right now. Rivvy tells the story of how she met two women who showed her kindness by helping her out. It goes to show that there are still people in this world with a lot of good in them and are willing to ease the plight of others. It also shows that believing in something can result in success.

Recipes for a Sacred Life – A book for everyone

These highlighted stories are just a few of the many wonderful ones detailed in Recipes for a Sacred Life. It’s basically a book that has something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re an Average Joe, meditation student, teacher, or yogi or anybody in between, you’ll find something of value in Rivvy Neshama’s book. The stories are short, but they have the ability to hit you really deep. Just like books from Anne Lamott, Mitch Albom, and Rachel Naomi Remen, this one is just as illuminating and uplifting.

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