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Police Brutality is the Melinated Man’s ISIS In America!

Police Brutality is the Melinated Man’s ISIS In America!

The Islamic State is influencing the killing of white Americans and sympathisers both domestically and abroad in large numbers. However, they are not terrorizing and killing Melinated people in America at mass numbers in compton, chicago, baton rouge, baltimore, ohio, oakland, philadelphia, etc!

We must deal with our own homegrown terrorism first and this Domestic Terror Group is known as the United States Police Department! Before we can worry about foreign terrorism, we must first concern ourselves about how many Melinated people are being murdered in mass numbers here under the white supremacist regime called America the Land Of The Free.

The people who stole this continent, killed the indigenous people already living here, creating #antimiscegenation laws that legally created “white” people as a race and made it illegal at the federal level to marry any other race other than “white”, denying persons of African descent the right to vote, the right to own guns and gunpowder and what would become the most heinous act of antimiscegenation law; a person of African descent could not sue a “white” person!

These laws that took place in 1681 were in place before the constitution was written and the first meeting of Congress! These laws institutionalizing chattel slavery (the most brutal type of slavery ever recorded in human history) and brutally stripped an entire population from their homeland (Africa), bringing them over on Slave Ships named Jesus!

These antimiscegenation laws is America’s first ACT OF DOMESTIC TERRORISM!

The Shock Metaphysics Virtual Kemetic Wisdom School proclaims that all other types/forms of domestic or foreign terrorism is not the fault, concern or problem of Melinated men, women and children living in America. Although, we are affected by all forms of terrorism, we must first face the fact that our US Government (regardless of party affiliation or who is the current president) has always been complicit in the terrorism Institutionalized Racism  of Melinated people on this continent and must be held accountable by International Law.

Unfortunately, there is NO United States President past or present who has the persuasion or power to repair the damage that has already been done! This is something that WE must do for ourselves by collectively raising our consciousness and tapping into the frequency of our divine intelligence known as GAGUT to create a new outcome and reality for the Melinated people of America.

Please WAKE UP to this reality!


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