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US White Supremacy Propaganda vs. North Korea

US White Supremacy Propaganda vs. North Korea

The CNN documentary on inside North Korea is a great example of what happens when generations are raised to believe and behave a certain way. In watching this documentary by CNN, I was greatly aware how in took 100 years to created and train the American population on and about race prior to the antimiscegenation laws of 1681 when “white” people were invented to divide humanity via color. Author of Birth of a White Nation: The Invention of White People and Its Relevance Today, Dr. Jacqueline Battalora says, “You learn through an analysis of the laws through which they created and asserted this entirely new group of humanity called ‘white’ people. Then the historical context reveals to us that white people were invented to divide. We have served that purpose ever since. We exist to divide humanity and the flip-side of that is to protect and ensure the interest of the one percent. That’s the only reason white people exist.”

The documentary shows how Korean kids playing at the beach had never seen an American and were taught to fear them. Sound familiar? The young Korean children’s image of an American is a white man with a big nose and hairy chest. Hmmm, can you say, “Redneck”?

Fighting white supremacy is not just fighting for rights, it’s fighting against the false sciences and continued propaganda that is used to keep the lie about Black people (men particularly) alive. I am reminded of an interview that famed comedian, Aries Spears shared on Vladtv.com, entitled, Aries Spears: Historically White People Have Been More Dangerous than Blacks:

“I’ve got to say to white America. Bravo you guys have pulled off the world’s greatest jedi mind trick on society because this notion that black men are to be feared and black men and black people are scary is hilarious to me because historically speaking, white people; you guys have been the most dangerous motherfuckers on the planet! You wiped out the Indians, you kidnapped niggers, you oppressed us for four hundred years, we get beat by the judicial system, we get beaten killed by the cops, Cam Newton is a thug, but yet you’ve seen videos of him giving shoes and things away to people in wheelchairs and he’s got a great smile! He’s the most least non-threatening dude ever when it comes to that stigma the black people have to be feared. That is the biggest hypocrisy on the planet. Historically ya’ll have been the most dangerous motherfuckers on the planet! Black people ain’t never hung nobody from trees, ain’t never shot nobody with water hoses, they never sick dogs on them, ain’t never got screwed white people through the judicial system, ain’t never raped, murdered and pillaged; come on man!”

Don’t just fight the power, fight the LIE!


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