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WARNING: Melanin Absorbs the Light-Energy In the Room

WARNING: Melanin Absorbs the Light-Energy In the Room

“Melanin acts as an energy-data absorbing biological pigment in the nervous system leading specifically to the right cerebral hemisphere. Melanin as a neuropigment has the capacity to absorb levels of energy activity outside the spectrum of energy frequencies” — Dr. Francis Cress Welsing (ISIS Papers)

Did you know that Melanin/Black people absorb heat, light and energy?! The moment we walk into a room full of eurasians, a scientific, silent energy is transmitted. For some eurasians, they are attracted to our melanin energy such as white women to black men and white men to black women. Don’t believe me, just watch one episode of Scandal and see the narrative playing out, LOL!

Star of Hidden Colors and frequent guest on the Philippe Matthews Show LIVE, Professor Kaba Hiawatha Kamene says, “Our complexion our pigmentation draws and captures light and heat energy. The same principle is true in a room. When you go into a room your malonic state attracts and absorbs light in a room. When you are in a room with us our melanin captures the light and the heat in the room. that’s why you can go into a room that’s well lit and the only people sweating are the brothers and sisters. Because what’s actually happening is that sweat is the result of us absorbing all that light and heat energy. It’s a heat loss system; we’re literally releasing the heat from sweat.

And one of the things that we have to understand is when we are in a room with peoples of many different cultures, we are absorbing and capturing the light that’s in the room. Just your presence in the room, watch how you change the dynamics of what’s going on in the room or you’ll also see people that will gravitate towards you.

A lot of times we think it’s because they are trying to get into our business but sometimes they’re trying to catch a little bit of the sunlight that’s bouncing off your body. They feel that energy yet they don’t know because it’s the spirit within them that’s drawing them to you just like the light and heat energy is drawn to you, people are drawn to you.

The light has no choice but to come to you because that’s the scientific principle of melanin; the sun is looking for us on the earth constantly. The same way when you walk into a room, the light in the room is searching for you and once you walk in you’re going to take it on.”

Most europeans, however, are genetically adverse to the energy or frequency of melanin like the opposite of a magnet because our very existence restores balance to the earth and the  universe. We ARE the energy in the room!

Case in point, since 2006, I had been interviewing, promoting and working with an elderly white male psychologist/psychiatrist who created an amazing mental discipline to immediately control and quiet the mental chatter in our brains that causes us to lose focus, not to be able to concentrate and keeps us disconnected from our frequency of Source. The contact with him over the years had only been through phone, email, and video conference. When it was finally time for us to meet face-to-face, and work together for two weeks in my hometown, Chicago, his whole demeanor changed! His unconscious, genetic aversion to my Black male melanin forced me to make the decision to never speak to him again for any reason. His genetic hatred toward me was palpable to even the seven other non melanated members of the team who were there.

My personal story and many others like it, is the reason why most eurasians who are forced to work with or for melanated people say they don’t see color. The scientific reason they say this is because they actually “feel” melanin as a frequency; something they don’t and can’t ever possess, and ultimately have control of. It is a genetic, unconscious feeling that most of them can’t explain but many of them have to varying degrees. Again, this is why they wish to have controlling, demeaning fetish sex with our melanated Queens us because it something they desire but can’t handle because nature views them as a genetic accident (freak of nature) and something to be corrected over time.

Likewise, because of the mental, psychopathic disease of being in constant proximity of the American eurasian, some of us can’t stand to see our own reflection in the mirror, or the sight of another melanated man or woman. We unconsciously reflect what the other melanated person can’t do, can’t be or would like to be and don’t know how. In this unfortunate case, we receive a reaction formation response from the very people we can help and do the most good for. Another reason is we refuse to be minimized, disrespected and marginalized by anyone. This causes us to be labeled strong willed, can’t be told what to do, or controlled.

When you learn how to make money out of thin air, some will hate you; other will exalt you. Especially if they are unemployed or unemployable. So be forewarned, raising your melanin/energy might cause you to be ostracized from your own family, friends and social group. Many times, your own kin folk will betray you, turn against you, and sometimes gravely harm you simply because your level of melanin is too strong and threatening to them.



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  1. Hotep Brother Philippe,
    Melanin, is a great analysis that is so obvious, but, in so many ways ignored. Your discussion is clear, concise and directly to the point. Ankhu for sharing such pertinent information.
    Kaba Hiawatha

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