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The Sisterhood – Rev. Mark and Ivy Couch

The Sisterhood – Rev. Mark and Ivy Couch

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The Sisterhood

The Sisterhood - Rev. Mark and Ivy Couch

Rev. Mark and Ivy Couch

For the past years, the reality shows conquered the boob tube, even throwing out some of the sappy soap operas into the dust bin of oblivion. After all, nothing sounds more appealing, entertaining, and downright interesting than a bunch of rich Beverly Hills women, a polygamous family, a child beauty queen, and a headline-hogging Hollywood clan talk about their most intimate details right in front of the global audience.

But just when you thought all the possible reality TV ideas have been exhausted, The Learning Channel (TLC) opened up the new year with another one: The Sisterhood.

Church on TV?

Yes, the number of atheists and agnostics has been increasing through the years, but the greater majority are still deeply into church that many of these organizations now have their own TV channels and stations domestically and internationally. So it should not be a complete surprise that it has learned to embrace reality TV as well.

The Sisterhood can be likened to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and all its other spin-offs, including the dead ones. These are still a group of women who are opening their lives further in the hopes that the others will know and learn to understand their struggles, issues, and problems in everyday lives. But there’s a catch: these ladies are not some angry ex-wives or gossiping girl friends. These are the first ladies, the wives of pastors representing some of the biggest churches in Atlanta.

Meet Them

With a good number of churches in the bustling city of Georgia, it isn’t really difficult for the producers to find the cast—ideally. However, some of these first ladies prefer to hold on to more privacy just a little bit longer and thus declined. Thus, the series is now being led by five vivacious, outspoken, strong Christian women: Christina Murray, Ivy Couch, Dominique Scott, Tara Lewis, DeLana Rutherford.

Christina Murray is a Dominican first lady, married to Anthony, who currently heads the Oasis Family Life Church. Besides assisting her husband, she’s keeping her hands full raising two beautiful teenage daughters who seem to have gotten her quite-strong personality. Managing a church and family all together is sure to create a lot of stress to this Latina.

Before she became one of the front-runners of the Emanuel Tabernacle Church, Ivy Couch was once part of Xscape, though a former group member said she was never on any of the band’s album covers, but Ivy served as a vocal and concert replacement. She partied hard and perhaps went through a couple of disastrous relationships before she met Rev. Mark Couch.

Dominique Scott is perhaps the most open and brutally honest among the first ladies, toughened up by the many pains she had gone through while growing up. She was even further tested when the church she and Brian worshiped in eventually had to close down.

Though she looks dolled up most of the time DeLana Rutherford has her eyes and heart normally away from herself. She loves the church she serves with Myles, she embraces music like it’s her life, and she adores kids a lot.

Tara Lewis finds herself in a new territory: she and Brian, her partner, need to find a new church to serve as well as deal with meeting a lot of fresh faces and personalities.

Given the gist, some of the churches are currently up in arms over the show, demanding TLC to cancel it. But it definitely takes a lot more to bring these women down. Besides their loved ones, they have their faith and awesome personality to get them by, and the Philippe Matthews Show is pushing for just one season!





Rev. Mark & Ivy Couch

mark and ivy couch




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