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William Whitecloud is The Last Shaman

William Whitecloud is The Last Shaman

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William Whitecloud is The Last Shaman

William Whitecloud – The Last Shaman

Alchemy and magic—does our present world have a place for these? Indeed, for anyone who claims to be living in the twenty-first century, these are concepts, even urban legends, that deserved to belong in eons that have passed. But for William Whitecloud and for the thousands of people who have discovered that “magic” once again, they are real—in fact they are far more tangible than other life experiences.

Who Is William Whitecloud?

Alex Willis, more known to the world as William Whitecloud, was born in an African country called Swaziland. Growing up, he was living a more lavish lifestyle compared to other children around him, as his family owned and cultivated tracts of land filled with sugarcanes. But he didn’t allow himself to be sheltered by these conveniences. Rather, he opened himself to the teachings of the African soil, especially of the tribes. From them, he learned more about magic and other supernatural concepts, like the literal fight of good against evil.

All these fascinated and started to mold him. In order to answer his own deep-seated questions, he went on a journey and found some who became his guides. These include Robert Fitz, who developed his keen interest in alchemical principles and philosophy of the hermits.

The road he had taken was quite long, and as he put it, he went on a quest in order to find his magic back. But when he did, he obtained a far more powerful lesson: a person has the ability to make everything he imagines into a reality.

What the Magic Is

The magic that William Whitecloud is teaching is extremely far from the conventional definition: there are no wands, long hats, and rabbits. People aren’t hypnotized or made to float. The magic that he has been sharing to everyone for many years has something to do with the almost-boundless potential a person has. What the subconscious thinks, as long as it’s constantly nurtured, becomes real. A real magician therefore can be anyone he wants himself to be, and no amount of challenges can bring him down—it may change his destiny, but it always leads to a life filled with overpowering joy and abundance.

The Books that Show the Magic

William Whitecloud helps you get into the journey he had taken a long time ago through a series of coaching events, such as Information Nights, Living from Greatness, Master Your Destiny, Soul Safari, and Alchemy 4 Success. He also makes the magic more accessible with two of his published and best-selling books: The Magicians’ Way and The Last Shaman.

The central character of the books is Mark Vale, who is a representative of the human race. In Magician’s Way, he struggled getting his career and marriage right, but his search led him to some of the most astounding alchemy teachings. The tale then continues into the inner regions of Africa, where Mark embarks on a quest much bigger than himself: look for the last shaman who can end the battle once and for all.

The story may be fictitious, but the lessons are stronger than the truth.

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