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Kaizad Hansotia the Navy Seals Team Six Cigar Czar!

Kaizad Hansotia the Navy Seals Team Six Cigar Czar!

Kaizad Hansotia - Gurkha Cigar Czar

What did the Navy Seals Team Six do after they took down Bin Laden?


They celebrated with the world’s greatest cigar produced by the Lord of Tobacco, Kaizad Hansotia; owner, creator and guru of the world class Gurkha Cigars!

The Gurkha Legend

If the word Gurkha doesn’t put the fear of God in you, it should for two simple reasons; one) it is the cigar of choice for the Navy Seals and two) the Gurkhas were one of the most fiercest fighting forces in the 8th Century.

But the Gurkha cigar is steeped in legendary history. At the height of the British rule in India, colonial soldiers began to make their own cigars from the local tobacco. The fondness of the British for these legendary Nepalese fighters inspired them to name their cigars “ Gurkhas.”

After the rule of the Raja Waned, British expatriates living in India continued to smoke Gurkhas produced in the Portuguese territory of Goa. Eventually, However, The Gurkha cigars simply lapsed into obscurity.

Steeped in legend and history, the Gurkha cigars, created more than a century ago has been reborn  and remains true to its roots in faraway India. Today, the legend lives on in the premium brand cigars “ Gurkha.”

Seals Team Six Special Gurkha Blens w/ Hand Crafted Military Knife Designed by Kaizad Hansotia

But Kaizad Hansotia, is the coolest cat on the planet because he has earned the boasting rights or producing the most expensive cigar in the world; “Majesty’s Reserve” along with producing a special blend for the Prince of Saudi Arabia and of course our Navy Seals; Team Six in particular.

Listen LIVE right now to this mind blowing interview with Kaizad Hansotia and how he single handily created the worlds most sought after, prestigious cigar!


The Gurkha Ninja

OMG! I had such an enjoyable experience smoking the Gurkha Ninja; purported to be produced in one of the Dominican Republic’s top factories. great with almost any spirit, the Ninja delivers an incredibly rich, semi-sweet flavor in a medium-bodied blend.

It is wrapped with a maduro leaf from Brazil’s most prominent growing region. The long leaf filler is an aged mixture of Nicaraguan with a Dominican binder. This smoke is earthy and sweet with flavors of cocoa flavors that serves up a smooth and creamy smoke with an excellent aroma.

The Gurkha Viper

Paired with a great cup of java or by itself, the Gurkha Viper is their first box-pressed release since the Regent blend.  Boasting a peppery finish, the Viper is a great 40 minute plus smoke of super rich, Nicaraguan bold flavors with a Dominican binder and wrapper.

Each pull offered bold and satisfying notes of pepper, spices and earth with an unexpected, yet welcomed floral aroma. Depending upon your palette, the Viper will also satisfy your taste buds with sweet flavors that are noticeable throughout the cigar, making it the perfect cigar to match with a cold beer or scotch. I recommend this cigar to be smoked any time during the day or evening.

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Listen LIVE right now to my exclusive interview with Kaizad Hansotia or Gurkha Cigars!

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