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Philippe’s Best Cigar Review – Villiger

Philippe’s Best Cigar Review – Villiger

Philippe's Best Cigar Review - Villiger

Philippe’s Best Cigar Review – Villiger Cigars

When you want a premium cigar, you couldn’t go wrong with the range that Villiger Cigars offers. The quality of the leaf, the manufacturing it went through, and even the packaging it comes with are unparalleled.

Established in 1888 by Jean Villiger in the small town of Pfeffikon, Switzerland, the company manufactures and sells cigars around the world. In fact, they sell more than 1.5 billion of their products every year. The nice thing about this company is that even though it was founded over a hundred years ago, it’s still headquartered right where it was founded.

Villager Cigars offers a wide range of cigars that include premium handmade cigars, machine made cigars, and pipe tobacco.


  •  Villiger 125 – This cigar uses the 2009 Seco Habano Ecudor for its wrapper and Seco Habano Jalapa x 2 for the binders. It also has Viso Haabo Jalapa & Esteli for its fillers. This is available in three vitolas: Canton (56 x 4.5), Lucerne (56 x 5.5), and Mondo (56 x 6.5). The Villiger 125 is a medium-bodied one with a color that is distinctive. The oil content on this cigar is also delightful to the senses because it starts off creamy and the retrohale has a hint of cinnamon. Each of these cigars is handcrafted in Nigeria.
  • Villiger Colorado – This is a well-constructed cigar that feels solid in the hand. It is oily and burns to perfection. The wrapper for this cigar is Jalapa Colorado while the binder is Esteli Habano and Ometepe Habano. The filler is all Nicaraguan. The Villiger Colorado is available in six sizes: Corona (44 x 5.5), Robusto (50 x 5), Double Robusto (54 x 5.5), Toro (50 x 6), Gordo (60 x 6), and Churchill (50 x 7). The Colorado is on the full side of medium bodied, and it features a nice spice for those who enjoy a fuller smoking experience.

  • Villiger Talanga – The wrapper for this cigar is Talanga (Connecticut seed) Honduras while the binder is Jalapa (Seco Habano) Nicaragua. The filler for the Talanga is comprised of a blend of three Nicaraguan tobaccos. It is available in the following sizes: Corona (44 x 5.5), Robusto (50 x 5), Double Robusto (54 x 5.5), Toro (50 x 6), and Churchill (50 x 7).

Villiger Premium cigars - A Review

Villiger Premium cigars – A Review


  • Villiger Premium – There are different types, namely: Premium #3 made with tobaccos with South American and the Orient, Premium #7 made with filler from South American tobaccos and Sumatra wrapper, Premium #6 which is a mild cigar available in different flavors and components, and Premium #10 which is a cigarillo available in different scents and tastes.

  • Villiger Export – This is a box-pressed cigar and is one of the bestsellers of the company around the world. It is suitable for those who want a premium cigar, but are limited on time. The blend is made from Cuban-seed tobacco and contained in a high-quality wrapper. The cigar is available in pocket-sized 5-packs made in both natural and maduro.

  • Villiger Keils – This is available as a cigar or cigarillo and comes in the following: BRASIL is made of Virginia, Brazil, and Java tobaccos with a dark wrapper which results in a full-bodied aromatic flavor; SUMATRA is made from fine selected tobacco and sealed in a Sumatra wrapper.


  • Villiger 1888 – There are various kinds such as EARLY DAY which are mature Virginias blended with Oriental leaf and Latakia from the Balkan region; MILD DAY which is a mixture of double steamed Black Cavendish, Burley, Oriental, and light Virginia tobaccos; COCKTAIL HOUR which is comprised of hand-stripped, spun-cut tobacco such as the flue-cured Virginia tobacco and the air-cured Brazil-blended tobacco from Malawi; LATE NIGHT is a mixture of different tobaccos from Virginia, Africa, and Brazil; AFTER DINNER is a flake tobacco that is made from flue-cured Virginia and Burley with Louisiana Perique.

If you enjoy a variety of scents and tastes, then you couldn’t go wrong with the cigar collection offered by Villiger Cigars. 

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