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Rabison Shumba – The Greatness Manual

Rabison Shumba – The Greatness Manual


Rabison Shumba

Rabison Shumba is a young African entrepreneur who has interests in Information and Communication Technology, Agriculture and Mining. He is also a motivational speaker, trainer and author. His book, The Greatness Manual and various online articles are tools for personal and professional development. Together with 100 Career Expert Authors, Rabison co-authored a book 101 Great Ways to Enhance your career due to be published in December 2010.

Rabison has a personal vision of impacting the lives of children in marginalized communities by creating platforms for career counsel and guidance, information empowerment and capacity building through the Greatness Factory Trust, where he currently holds the position of Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Acting Executive Director. Rabison believes that the effect of the lack of adequate information empowerment platforms has the potential to cause learners leaving schools to never realize an equitable chance at bettering their circumstances and therefore contributing to the downward spiral into poverty. He is actively involved in the organization of career enhancement and guidance colloquiums to propel and inspire both young and mature professionals to greatness. His areas of expertise include strategy, leadership, personal and professional development.

Rabison has a wealth of commercial experience having worked for CompuServe (Pvt) Ltd, Anglo American plc over a period spanning 10 years. He is the Founder and CEO forInfotech Solutions P/L based in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Rabison has traveled to United States of America, England, China and within the Southern African Region on both ministry and business missions.

Born in 1973, Rabison is first born in a family of 14. Even though he came out best in his O Levels in 1990, he could not advance to Advanced Level due to lack of school fees. He proceeded to obtain a Diploma In Education with the University of Zimbabwe with a bias towards Computing. He is pursuing further studies in Business Leadership with Calvary University (UK).

He has made enormous sacrifices to get his 14 siblings through school and college. Rabison is married to Jackie, and they have two daughters.

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