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Bridge of the Gods by Linda De Coff

Bridge of the Gods by Linda De Coff

Bridge of the Gods: A Handbook for Ascending Humanity The Golden Pathway to your Highest God Self! by Linda De Coff


Bridge of the Gods by Linda De Coff

Bridge of the Gods by Linda De Coff

A handbook for ascending humanity, Bridge of the Gods by Linda De Coff is an outstanding masterwork for living in the sublime state of highest consciousness-all the time! Awakening the treasures of spirit, Bridge of the Gods will bring you back to the soul of our divine origins, revealing the kingdom of God within every man and woman, and illuminating the true liberty and birthright of the heavenly estate.

Rich in stories, breathtaking and profoundly healing meditations, practical techniques, and exercises for transformation, Bridge of the Gods by Linda De Coff has similarities to Shift Happens and can raise you to the highest levels of truth, wisdom, and light; helping to remove limitations, and releasing the awesome splendor of your fully risen Divine Self!

A foremost leader of New Thought, Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff combines the best of timeless Eastern and Western philosophies in her powerful teachings of Truth. Dr. Linda takes the reader into the New Jerusalem, a city ‘not built by hands’ to reveal the flawless master plan. for healing every unwanted condition, bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth!

“Bridge of the Gods is for light beings everywhere, and the time has come to realize your true potential. An absolute treasure. A must read! For the first time, I have peace of mind. I am now able to concentrate on what I want to accomplish in my life” – Stacy Strauss,

“Actress ‘The Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff is an inspirational leader of the Highest Order”Irving Weinberg, advertising executive

“Dr. Linda helped me remember my magnificence” – Claire Louise Roberts, attorney and author

The Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff is the noted founder of New Thought Institute of New York, and New Thought International, Inc. (an association of Global Centers for World Peace and Enlightenment). She is also the celebrated author of Divine Prosperity: Secrets to the Kingdom, Living the Miracle Consciousness, and Songs of Eternity: Contemplations, Meditations, and Treatments on the Word of God!

Dr. Linda has been honored at the United Nations and spoken on Universal Spirituality and Advanced Consciousness themes all over the world.



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