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Christian and Daddy Go Shopping (Money Smart Kids) by Stanley Steppes

Christian and Daddy Go Shopping (Money Smart Kids) by Stanley Steppes

If you want to teach your child the value of money, check out Christian and Daddy Go Shopping (Money Smart Kids) by Stanley Steppes!


People of all faiths will love Christian and Daddy Go Shopping (Money Smart Kids) and Money Smart Kids: Christian and Daddy Go Shopping (Volume 1) by Stanley Steppes!


“The Money Smart Kids™ Brand consists of fun and engaging books, learning materials, and merchandise covering basic financial literacy concepts for children: earning, saving, spending, giving, and borrowing.” offers Stanley.


Christian and Daddy Go Shopping (Money Smart Kids) by Stanley Steppes

Christian and Daddy Go Shopping (Money Smart Kids) by Stanley Steppes

The Money Smart Kids™ series is a preparatory book series educating youth on important financial topics such as earning, saving and much more. The books are designed to engage students literally through the story and rich imagery of both the characters and environment. “The book series is a great resource for parents to bone up on how to talk with their kids too!” offered Dr. Scott Preissler who endorsed, Christian and Daddy Go Shopping. The series features boys and girls of diverse socio-economic backgrounds, ages and races.

Earn It, Save It, Give It, Grow It! Begin teaching your kids about money early:

Five-year-old Christian is a wide-eyed, inquisitive child who learns valuable lessons from his money smart daddy. The kindergartener is excited and full of ideas about how to spend money. His plans become more practical, though, after he realizes his family doesn’t have enough money for everything he wants.

One afternoon, Christian and his daddy take a trip to the store to buy a birthday gift for Mommy and end up taking a fantastic, mathematical journey into the land of Money Smart Kids! Christian and Daddy Go Shopping is the first book in a series that addresses basic financial literacy concepts for youngsters. Come along, as Christian’s daddy engages him in kid-friendly conversation that makes talk about money both engaging and clear and provides examples that explode in his son’s creative mind, leaving indelible images the boy will remember long after the lesson is over. “We should count the cost of everything so we spend the right amounts,” Christian will observe, in time, after having a big-boy talk with Daddy.

This tale, made alive through Kenjji’s compelling illustrations, provides age-appropriate lessons for understanding money, designing spending plans, and making consumer decisions. Christian and his daddy address these lessons during their trip to the store, making this narrative an intriguing and educational venture for children and parents to share.


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