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On Philippe’s Kindle – The Pain of Love by Kebaneilwe Garebatho

On Philippe’s Kindle – The Pain of Love by Kebaneilwe Garebatho

The Pain of Love by Kebaneilwe Garebatho

This book is RIVETING, disturbing, morbid and something you can’t put down!

The Pain of Love by Kebaneilwe Garebatho is book a powerfully dark and unfortunately true read about the pains people encounter in their daily lives which drives other people to kill their partners before taking their own lives. This is known as a murder/suicide or “passion killings” and is a global problem. Kebaneilwe  says this book, “Provides solutions to murder and suicide causes as well as counselling for those whose relationships are on the rocks.”

From the Book:


Your partner may at times tell you how much she loves you. She may say ‘I love you more than everybody else.’ In most cases partners never ask who everybody refers to. This statement may simply imply that your partner has other sexual partners but you are the most loved one. So every time you are in a relationship expect it to end any time because you are not the only person on this universe. Somebody else can take your partner away from you. But don’t look for a secret partner thinking that your secret partner is your plan B. There is no way you are going to be happy, you will not as you will always be torn between the two. This complicates your life. If you have two partners, one of the two is going to suffer at the expense of the other. Getting a secret partner while you are in a relationship is a pre-mature move. It is wise to have one partner at a time. If it does not work out that is when you can start another relationship, when you are sure it is over.

The Pain of Love by Kebaneilwe Garebatho is a compelling must-read that will change the way you think about arguing with your loved ones and will truly give new meaning to the art of Deadly Seduction!


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