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Marion Baker – Insight for Women Who Struggle to Find Lasting Love

Marion Baker – Insight for Women Who Struggle to Find Lasting Love

Love in this generation has become a whole new ball game. With the changing values of our society, from family-is-everything in the 1950’s, to the ME generation of the 1960’s, dating and relationship rules went from clear to WHAT??? Now, forty-five years later, women have found that neither of the extreme values of the 50’s or 60’s were working. The current divorce rate of fifty percent reflects this. How do we maintain our newfound independence without losing ourselves as I become a WE? Women are trying to forge a path back to some kind of middle ground which has left so many of us single and unhappy as we try to define our own way in this new, crazy dating/relationship world.

Marion Baker was definitely no stranger to such a situation. In her mid-forties, still single, she was tired of the merry-go-round of unsuccessful blind dates, internet dating, and meets and greets. Sound familiar? Marion realized she hadn’t a clue about the secret to lasting relationships, especially while trying to negotiate a new idea of what a healthy relationship means to her. The generation prior had no experience in this new world of interdependence. Where was the training ground? It didn’t exist. She realized she wasn’t the only one in the dark. And so, she made it her mission to find answers to her questions and to determine where and what she could be doing wrong in her relationships. After her own success and finally, marriage, this led her to write the book The Lime Green Plastic Covered Couch: Insight for Women Who Struggle to Find Lasting Love.

Who Is Marion Baker?

maxresdefaultBefore she became a successful author of the book The Lime Green Plastic Covered Couch, she experienced the struggle that most women go through when it comes to having a successful relationship. The only difference between her and other women is that she was a registered therapeutic counselor, specializing in transpersonal therapy (spiritually based psychology). This gave her an edge in forging a new path to what a healthy relationship can look like.

Marion’s training includes the study and practice of A Course in Miracle (ACIM). The main premise of ACIM is to find forgiveness-for yourself, for others and for the world you live in. Remaining angry, resentful, or closed only makes OUR life unhappy. As they say, it’s like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. With love at the forefront of your intention, it cuts through any petty grievance and allows spirit to enter, to create a new perspective and has a relationship enter a whole new paradigm.

Looking at it closely, however, it comes as a surprise that someone with her education would struggle to find lasting love. It should have been easy for her considering her knowledge into tapping into emotions. Right? Although her education was helpful, she still needed to try out these newfound skills and wear them in a little, like a new pair of shoes. This only shows that many women can certainly relate to Marion Baker.

psmThe journey to finding lasting love was long and painful. It took her thirty years to uncover the secret to maintain a loving, long term relationship. Instead of giving up, however, she equipped herself with the knowledge of how to look at relationships with a different perspective. Likemany women, Marion was caught up in what she calls The Cinderella Fantasy. We have been taught from a young age in fairy tales and Hollywood movies that anyone that finds THE ONE lives happily ever after. Who would watch the movie if it showed marriage just being a different situation with its own set of issues? Some women, like Marion was, are caught up in the teen-age romance phase of a relationship. When we start to feel the romantic feelings of love, we attach a future to the feelings. We fantasize about lunches on a side street café in Paris, or your guy always saying just the right thing to make your heart melt.Our man becomes everything we had dreamed instead of a real, 3D human being. When he doesn’t match the fantasy in our heads, this leads to disappointments, misunderstandings, conflicts and, eventually, a breakup. Marion Baker teaches in her book, The Lime Green Plastic Covered Couch, that getting more in touch with who we are and more acquainted with who your man really is, rather than your fantasy of who you want him to be, leads to greater relationship success.

According to July Ono, president of On The Beach Education Corporation, “Marion has taken a leap of faith and courage to share one of life’s most elusive prizes: true love.”

Today, Marion Baker is a happily married woman, something that would have been impossible if she didn’t find ways to transcend the expectations, Cinderella Fantasy and outdated views that she carried around,taking her suitcase of bad ideas from relationship to relationship.

About The Lime Green Plastic Covered Couch

Without the sub-heading ” Insight for Women Who Struggle to Find Lasting Love”, it would have been hard to determine what the book The Lime Green Plastic Covered Couch is really all about. The much used cliché of “don’t judge the book by its cover” has never been truer than in this situation. If you walk away without reading this book, you would miss some truly amazing and helpful material.

Friend and author, Simone Lamont describes the book in this way: ‘I could probably write novelettes on the ‘ah-ha!’ moments in Marion’s book. I’ve read a lot about intimate relationships and considered myself a bit of an expert. With four weddings, three marriages and three divorces behind me I have also become a bit of an expert on ‘What the heck just happened?!’ books. The Lime Green Plastic Covered Couch’ is the first book that I’ve read that has shown me that I didn’t know much about my role in the demise of my important relationships. Marion helped me to look in the mirror and opened the door to a better understanding of the choices I have made. Her book was one of the major steps towards creating a ‘self-awareness’ that fosters more accurate vision with regard to self and those whom we choose to love. Better vision? Better choices.

As what Denise Cunningham, author of Whispers of Hope: Transcending Abuse, Cancer and Divorce to Embrace Peace said, the book “is an illuminating guide on the path of surrendering our illusions, and flowing into new steps in the dance of conscious partnership”.

Ellen Hayakawa, co-author of Healing the Heart of the World, and author of the Inspired Organization, also has this to say, “It is essential reading for any woman struggling to attract, establish or maintain a conscious, loving, healthy relationship with a man instead of finding herself disappointed and broken hearted”.

When the Learning Starts

Marion_Baker. By doing so you also discover what your needs are. Have you ever said, “I lose myself in a relationship?” This is why. If you don’t know who you are and how to bring yourself and your needs into a relationship, the situation becomes a reflection of the other person. With the help of the ideas in this book, you can determine what you need to ask from your partner, and how to ask in a way that increases your chance of being met there. Self-discovery is key. Doing so will also help you accept yourself and others in order to forgive and transcend to a higher level of loving.

Marion Baker has the experience through failed relationship after failed relationship to finally finding love, to now allow her story to help other women. In fact, the book is “based on her own struggles and ultimate success as well as those of others”, according to Hayakawa. “It is filled with compassion and stories shared with the sense of humor that will provide insight and clarity for transforming and deepening your relationship.”

HBOOK007finished-6001What makes this book ideal material to learn and grow from is the lessons that are imparted through easy to read and easy to relate to stories. It contains real life experiences of Marion and other women who shared the same struggles, disillusions, and disappointments. It has been proven that we learn most easily through each other’s stories and the insight gained through this sharing is invaluable.

The author also added the spiritual perspective because she believes that a relationship willnot just survive, but thrive with this added piece.

The Lime Green Plastic Covered Couch offers the following insights:

• Helps readers explore their self-defeating patterns that often lead to heartbreak and disappointments. Why do people do crazy things when seeking love? Why do people do what they do? Isn’t there an easy way to deal with all the relationship challenges? But, despite all the craziness, it often comes down to the simplest and easiest solution.

• Provide readers with ways to regain their sanity. As co-creator of a real relationship you have a role and responsibility that you need to fulfill. But you will only succeed after you examine yourself and fully understand your strengths, weaknesses and your part in making a relationship work. Through ACIM, Marion Baker discovered that the Cinderella Fantasies people have about romance and love are hindrances to finding a sustainable and loving relationship. By understanding these aspects, you don’t have to pack your suitcase every time something goes wrong in your relationship.

• Provide tools in effectively creating greater spiritual connection and freedom. Our connection to ourselves, our source, is the key. As we connect with others through this newfound place, relationships grow and life expands in ways we would never expect.

The book also provides insights on how you can simplify the mysteries of love and go beyond the romantic notions that have been offered by familial social training patterns and the media.

• Helps you break out of the barriers of fantasies. July Ono said, “True love is truly about putting your own personal interests aside in support of the one you love, with this caveat: the love of your life will risk all and sacrifice all to express his affection and admiration for the woman in his life.”

Through Marion Baker’s book, you will gain all these lessons and more. If she was able to find lasting love and a healthy relationship, reading The Lime GreenPlastic Covered Couch is sure to increase your chances. Grab your copy today. If you are like most other women, you will find it to be one of the best books on relationships you have read.

What do other readers think about the book?
“It is an excellent read that is written with ‘gentle compassion, sameness and integrity’”.
“It provides helpful tips on how you can make changes in order to improve the level at which you function in the love arena”.

Marion offers a free session: Unlock Your Blocks to Finding Love.

In addition to the book, Marion Baker also offers a free session that will help you “Unlock Your Blocks to Finding Love”. Through this session, you will be able to determine the psychological reasons that you often find yourself attracted to the wrong men, you will discover the specific patterns that keep you stuck in the same vicious cycle of failed relationships, and you will know the spiritual reasons surrounding your love struggles. Based on all these, you will be able to create goals that will help you attract the kind of relationship that is ideal for you. At the end of the session, you will gain clarity as to how you can move forward, find the right guy and be in a loving and fulfilling relationship.

This session is free! Just follow the link to the website and go to the Work With Me tab to start on your own path to love today.

For more about Marion and her work, visit these pages:
Website – The Lime Green Plastic Covered Couch
Email – marion@thelimegreenplasticcoveredcouch.com

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