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John Herlosky: The Former Police Officer Blows Whistle on CIA’s Project Star Gate!

John Herlosky: The Former Police Officer Blows Whistle on CIA’s Project Star Gate!

JohnHave you ever heard of Stargate? For most people, especially those born during the 90s, the only Stargate they may be familiar with is a movie with the same name that stars Kurt Russell, and probably the TV series that shares a similar concept about an alien device that enables time travel across the cosmos. What John Herlosky discovered, however, is something that teeters between reality and science fiction.

The CIA’s Project Star Gate is an army unit that was established to look into possible military and domestic applications of psychic phenomena they called Remote Viewing. In this top secret program that the CIA declassified, individuals were trained to envision future events or activities on distant places, the same way a clairvoyant would, but with the addition of telekinesis, astral traveling, and ESP.

In 1995, Project Star Gate was terminated, but not before remote viewing was tested and deployed. So what does John Herlosky has to do with all these?

John Herlosky is the author of the book a Sorcerer’s Apprentice: A skeptic’s journey into the CIA’s Project Stargate and Remote Viewing. It was out of intrigue and curiosity that led him to dig deeper into the CIA’s Project Star Gate. But an ordinary individual would probably not have a deep fascination for something that seems to have come out of a science fiction movie, unless they have knowledge about the military or any of the government’s secret project.

Well, John Herlosky is a man in uniform. He has worked as a police officer and academy instructor for two large metropolitan police departments. Trained in Swat tactics, he has the skills to boot and is, in fact, a designated marksman. And if his skills and knowledge in weapons handling is not enough, he also spent half of his life in the Martial Arts.

74279_1735121224384_4329172_nHe was educated at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI, majoring in Mathematics and pursuing a minor in Engineering and Philosophy. He also studied in El Camino College with a degree in Criminal Justice. He was a licensed EMT and an expert in the field of human performance technologies.

Moreover, he is the co-director and co-founder of the Institute for Evolutionary Technologies, nonprofit think tank, and the co-director of Project Trojan Warrior II, a training program that is related to mind-body integration.

With these credentials attached to his name, it should not come as a surprise that John Herlosky would take an interest in the CIA’s Project Star Gate.

Into the “Realm of the Fantastic”

After reading an expose about the psychic warfare project, which was provided by a former member Dr. David Morehouse, he attended a class in Remote Viewing. His journey into this amazing world was outlined in his book. He practically blew the whistle on a project that planned to exploit the human mind and use it for intelligence gathering. Test subjects were subjected to rigorous scientific conditions to gather data on hidden missiles, espionage activities and the like. All these and other secrets were revealed in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Since the book is part memoir, John Herlosky also takes his readers on a journey on how his experience clashed with his long-held beliefs.

According to a CIA report, Project Star Gate never had any use in intelligence operation, which is why it was terminated. Whatever information the program yielded was considered vague, irrelevant, erroneous, and with some data suspected of being manipulated by project manager to suit their needs.

However, this did not change the fact that such a project existed. It doesn’t change the fact that remote viewing was, at one point, active and operational, as what John Herlosky will tell you in his book.

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