Energetic Challenges

Energetic Challenges

IMG_1064There have been numerous energetic changes in the past months, and we are going through physical and emotional change as well as massive energetic rewiring. Our entire systems are changing.

On multiple dimensional levels there are frequency changes occurring, and many of us are feeling these. We are also witnessing massive world changes as balances of power are shifting and there are uprisings that bring fear into many hearts. I would like to address this first, and the Masters will explain everything else deeply in their section below.

In every shift, there is a struggle for balance between the light and the darker forces. What I mean by this is that as we change consciously, rising in vibration and awareness, this changes the entirety of creation as to how energy flows, information is carried by the light and into our fields and our world. As these changes occur, other things happen as well.

Lately we have been witnessing events in many parts of our world that many of us might consider a failure of our efforts. On the contrary! Our efforts, the shifts we have created, the love that we extend internally and externally, have made such a massive difference in the totality that darker forces seek balance with a vengeance. This does not mean by any standards that they are winning or have won. The truth is that it isn’t a competition. What is does mean is that we are succeeding! What is happening is that we are in a phase of change and when we go through these, we witness the yin and the yang working toward balance.

What does this mean? It takes all kinds of beingness to create an entirety. As we of the light express that light from within ourselves into our world, that which is not of the light rears up temporarily and fights for attention and balance with the light. Neither will overcome the other, as all inherently exist. But balance can be found.

If you picture the yin and the yang in the photo above, what you see is one side that is white, light. The other side is dark. There is a centerline where the perfect balance of both existing in harmony resides. We must learn to walk that centerline in everything we do. With love, without fear and with unconditionality, bring that love and all light toward all things.

To allow fear to become prevalent within your being feeds the dragon so to speak. Fear begets fear and soon the power of that fear creates a whole new set of dynamics that are contributed into creation. What we must understand is that creation is listening and responding all of the time. It does what we request, what we desire, what we put out without realizing how powerful we are. And the creation responds. Energy is intelligent. No matter what message it carries into the entirety, that message is responded to and new realities are made.

Fear isn’t even a reality. It is a what if. It is imagined, speculated, conceived and at times even created at the expense of others. Instead of fear, we must put different messages into creation; those of love, of unconditionality, of the kind of world that we desire. We have the power to change what we are witnessing across our planet. We have the power to fill creation with messages of light, of perfection, and most of all, of peace unto all. To do this we must become living examples of the kind of world we want to live in.

Last weekend I was traveling home from teaching class. There were fewer people in the airports, and there were heightened security warnings but what I witnessed was something beautiful. People helping people. Kindness, strangers talking with each other more than ever, a lightness I have never seen airport crowds. Ususally everyone is running to catch clos connection, or appear to be completely lost, but usually everyone is unaware of each other. Having been forced into greater awareness of their surroundings by current events caused people to notice each other. And not just notice, but to act, react, help, comment, converse, and more. I was deeply touched by this. The bottom line? We matter.

Please don’t feel that you aren’t important enough or strong enough or that you don’t know enough to make a difference. Some of you, like me, feel the energies of the world all of the time. That kind of sensitivity can be painful and it can be amazing. Don’t become a victim of the hard parts. Know that you are strong beyond your imaginings. By your very being you are changing the totality.

We are all in this together, wired together infinitely, sharing our feelings, our hopes our dreams, our light. We are powerful beyond words. That power communicates a different message to creation and creation will bring to us exactly what we put into the whole. Witnessing such examples of kindness and of light in my travels the past couple of weeks brought to me an inner smile and a realization that yes, in spite of all that is evident on the surface, there are wondrous things happening between the lines.

Between the lines we are being energetically, whacked with numerous changes as the winds of energy move through us. We have been affected by astronomical events, of other dimensional events, local events and world events. The energies of these events move literally though us bringing messages via the energies that create feelings within us that perhaps we are unaccustomed to. These energies may even confuse us temporarily or cause our stuff to come up or it to come up in those around us. At the same time, these same energies are bringing to us with the force of all that is light, new and different ways of being, of perceiving, of living and relating in our world and in tandem with all that is.

What I mean by this is that as the intensity of these energies move through us, we are brought to higher awareness, higher frequencies, higher being. There are parts of us awakening in this now that has been dormant for millennia. Those parts of us that are light, that are in touch with creation on such an intimate basis we cannot conceive of this mentally. Information is coming into our fields and becoming part of who we are. As it is needed, the information comes forward for us so that we consciously become aware of what the messages are that are contained within these energies. Gone are the old paradigms that required us to stretch our mental natures and even our emotions. Now, what comes is in pure form. It is an escalation once again in our evolution.

For the past year and a half while working through the etheric anatomy of hundreds of people (during healing sessions) my students and I have witnessed many intuitive bodies appearing as if they were at rest or even asleep. At first it was just a few then the numbers increased greatly. In class we had a deep discussion of what this might mean. My greater senses told me that something huge was about to happen and that our intuitive nature was in a state of stasis, of preparation for whatever was coming. Now we are witnessing these same bodies awakening but this time, not just as we have talked about for many years, awakening to new realities. This time, awakening as a deeper sense to assist us. Our seventh sense has activated in real time.

We have gone through massive changes in the past few years. We successfully created a shift of huge magnitude. Now we are in the time of further change, of balance, and of awakening to possibilities that we had never even realized were possible. After all we cannot consider what we do not know is true. We cannot act on what we do not know is possible. With our seventh senses igniting those unknown possibilities are coming to the forefront.

The truth is that anything and everything is possible. For us to get tapped into this exciting new way of being is to let down our defenses, for they are based upon what was, or imagined projections of what might be. Instead, we must let go of what doesn’t serve us and in fact steals away much of our constructive energy and allow ourselves to remain in this now, for that is honestly all there ever is. I have said many times that what has been is done and what has not yet been is merely imagined or speculated. There is only ever this now and nothing ever happens outside of this now.

Dropping our defenses, those subconscious issues that direct our entire life experience from the background are very much part of the fear factor. Part of the illusion, part of why we often feel stuck or unable to move forward. That is because we are protecting illusions. We are protecting what we fear. It isn’t real.

When we become familiar with what those things are the way to shed them is to simply acknowledge them, show gratitude for having had the opportunity to learn (or not) and then let them go. Finding awareness of those things leaves only the truth. The truth is the driving force of change. We do not need to relive the pain or the suffering of our past, simply acknowledge it then move on to what we really want. Our past has nothing to do with anyone else or events that may have occurred, only with what we did with those experiences internally. When we realize this then nothing can hold us back. We regain our sense of self and we realize that we are powerful beyond belief.

We also realize that what we were protecting held us down, robbed us of our true desires. The greatest way to become free is to accept responsibility for our part in those events and stop blaming others for what we did inside. We can’t be responsible for choices others have made only for what we choose and how we respond and for what we carry. When we purge ourselves of what we don’t need then we have great amounts of room for what we do want and need.

What is it that you desire? What do you need? Make room for whatever these things are and lastly, be willing to accept what you have required creation to bring to you.
Several further things I would like for you to know ~

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