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The Phenomenon of the Children of Now By Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.

The Phenomenon of the Children of Now By Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.

Meg-Blackburn-Losey-520 My granddaughter talked to Angels. At the age of about 9 months, we were conversing telepathically. Over the next few years she showed signs of intuitive giftedness, of the ability to move energy like a master at Tai chi and as she did, she moved energy to the point that once she stopped about a hundred and fifty people in their tracks. She also had a clear comprehension of what people were saying beyond their words. I wondered if this was an anomalous situation or if there were other kids displaying any of these amazing gifts.

In my healing practice I began to see one child after another, each one gifted in unique ways. What I began to realize that there was nothing wrong with these kids even though many of them were labeled with diagnosis such as A.D.D., A.D.H.D. and even Autism. These were children who didn’t fit in the normal school or social situations. There were exhibiting what many considered dysfunctions. Their parents were beside themselves as often teachers or other school professionals and even doctors were recommending that the kids be put on prescription drugs. What I witnessed were bright kids who could converse about trans-dimensional realities (even with etheric Beings), astronomy, parallel realities, God, Life, Death, past lives and just about anything else that they wanted. It wasn’t fantasy. Too many kids were telling me the same stories.

I began to notice a trend. Several trends actually. Some of the children were much like my granddaughter, others had specific giftedness in other directions. I even began to notice that these kids had specific physical traits depending upon which trend is followed. I began to document these findings and over about ten years found that not only was my research consistent but that the children’s gifts were evolving.

I realized that there are several distinct groups of children (Please understand that it is not my intent to pigeon hole kids into absolute categories.) and that there are definite traits among certain groups of kids. Here are just a few:

The Crystalline Children started coming into our world around 1997. Some of them a little earlier. Additionally they are often called Crystals or Rainbow children. That is because their energy fields continue to evolve. The earlier Crystallines have jewel tone colored energy fields that sweep back and forth a lot like a search light. As time went on their energy fields began to change, becoming lighter in color and moved differently.

These very sensitive beings feel everything. They are extremely sensitive to other people and their environment. They are completely heart centered and may be telepathic, empathic, talk to invisible friends who may be spirits of people who have passed away, angels, and even etheric guides. The Crystallines are natural healers and don’t abide conflict at all. They are extremely socially conscious and have come to remind us who we are because we have forgotten our perfection.

1258222371 The Star Kids can be any age at this point. They have been coming into our world for many years. They continue to come. Star Kids tend to have somewhat smaller builds, and be extremely intelligent and interested mostly in technologies and the sciences. They often affect electrical and electromagnetic fields – such as when they walk under a street light – it is likely to go out until the child has passed. I have heard of some that put out entire streets of lights at a time just by walking there. The Star Kids usually have vivid dreams that are a lot like alien abduction stories. White channels of light, being in an all white room, knowing someone is there but not able to remember who. They are also natural healers.

The Transitional children are about ages sixteen through twenty-three at this writing. They are not Indigos and not Crystalline Children. They are the in betweens, often carrying chaotic energy fields that are inconsistent in patterning, these kids feel deeply, know the truth of situations, but often become victims of life because they are unable to express what they feel. They draw inward, holding in their feelings and often become involved in self destructive behaviors like drugs, alcohol, violence and even suicide. They don’t feel heard.

One of my personal favorite groups of kids are what I call Our Beautiful Silent Ones. They are a phenomenon in their own right. Usually they appear to be physically dysfunctional to a moderate or large degree. They do not or cannot speak. I prefer to think of these beautiful souls as differently able because even though they don’t speak, they are telepathic and capable of expressing love so fully that it can nearly take a person to their knees. These kids have learned to project their consciousness in orb form to communicate with others even across the world. They are the epitome of unconditionality, of what love really is. Magic often happens when these kids are around!

But why is this happening? The changes in our children are occurring because of certain changes that are happening in our DNA. Generally we only use five to seven percent of our genetic materials. DNA looks like a twisted ladder with multi-colored rungs. Historically communication along the DNA ladder worked in a linear format. An electrical charge would travel along the ladder in a straight line. Now, those electrical charges are arcing, skipping some segments and hopping to different ones, even at times jumping from one side of the DNA strand to the other. As this occurs, the electromagnetic field between and around the DNA strands is expanding. This energy field is both a transceiver and receiver and is directly relative to consciousness. As the changes in make up occur, our children are actually sensing with their entire bodies, not just their brains. Interestingly as the DNA’s energy field grows, the brain, in direct correlation, begins to utilize new and different brain wave patterning. What we are truly witnessing is a fast forward evolution of humanity.

The Children of Now are not dysfunctional. They are differently able. And they are evolving every day. William, who I mentioned in “The Children of Now”, had an energy field, which was a myriad of color when I first worked with him several years ago. He is a stellar telepath. Over time I watched his field change from all of those beautiful colors to pure white. White as we know, contains the full spectrum of color frequencies. This was a harbinger of more to come. Many children currently are being born with pure while energy fields. They are bring the energy of creation to earth.

We are not talking about a small niche of children. The percentage of The Children of now can’t be accurately assessed because many people are not aware of it but the truth is that since I first became aware of this phenomenon I have come to realize that we are looking at an entire generation who are consciously and biologically different than us.

Society is not recognizing these special children and they are a normal part of human evolution. They are representatives of an evolution of humanity that has openness the gates of our consciousness but as a society we are missing the greater picture. Instead, these kids are being drugged, ostracized, labeled dysfunctional and worse. There are many positive solutions to this situation which I have carefully addressed in “The Children of Now”. It is vital that we nurture the giftedness of these kids so that they can bring them to this world. The Children of Now are here to change things. They need our help. As an example, I leave you with the words of my very special friend, Nicholas, who wrote the forward to The Children of Now:

Dear Fellow Friends,

As you read this eye-opening, heart inspiring book, ask yourself the following question “How can I bless, honor and support the new children in their God given mission in life?”

This is the lasting question as we as a society are waking up to increasing numbers of these children who require soulful guidance. This book will assist each one of you, in polite and subtle ways, so that you can honor and gently guide these new children.

Who would have thought we need guidance when we come across so sure, with a deep inner knowing from our cosmic adventures? Although my cosmic adventures have taken me all the way, from walking beside Jesus to Atlantis, here I am ‘all knowing’ and innocent at the same time.

You see, we the Crystalline and Star children may appear all capable, yet we require the worlds’ capacity for deep listening to resolve in our purpose and best effect change.

In my own personal experience, when I feel deeply heard, I feel a relaxation in every cell of my body. This relaxation is most amazing to bring change.
I have learned in my own life, living as a child of the Universe, yet in a unique body with its own mind, that I feel the most supported with the relaxation that comes from deep listening.

So, give a big hand to our almighty God for our wide-eyed innocence and amazing gifts, in turn, the world takes huge notice. As the world pays attention on a grand scale, this book becomes a valuable tool to put us, the Crystalline Children at much ease. Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey has the style, eloquence and inspiring ability to bring this far reaching message, to all who can be served.

In the pages of this book, Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey offers thoughtful, well-counseled and heart warming advice on such provoking topics as school, nutrition and environment that will nourish and sustain us. It will keep you reading as you learn how to support these soulful centered, yet delicate creatures. Inherent within learning how to best support the new children, you are awakening on your own journey.

Now don’t you see, we are not here for our own purpose, we are here for the universal purpose? This awakening is necessary, as we need a critical mass with pure love vibration, to resonate with the earth for its salvation. We, the new children, are here to assist you in this movement.

Lastly through this book, you will also come to know, the one unifying force for all matter is Love. Love is the voice of the new children. Deeply listen to all their messages and we are well on our way to blessing, honoring and supporting them in their God-given mission in life.

Bringer of Light and Love,
Nicholas M. Tschense, 9 years.

Nicholas was just one tiny example of countless kids who share the same feelings and philosophies.

Lake-Titicaca-Peru-3.2014-052-620x330 My follow up book, “The children of Now EVOLUTION” is the book of answers. Things I didn’t know when I wrote the first book. This evolution has far more facets than I originally realized. It encompasses Autism, Asperger’s, ADD and ADHD and more. It involves vaccines, environmental toxins, heavy metals and many other aspects of biological functioning and perceived dysfunction. We, as a society, are creating a generation of life long dependents and we didn’t realize it. It continues to happen. That combined with archaic social beliefs and morays, outdated school curriculums and ignorance on the part of much of the medical community and the focus on the bottom dollar by pharmaceutical companies all contribute to children who were born healthy becoming something quite different.

If we are to help them we must implement an immense number of changes in how we approach living in our world, what we are willing to tolerate and learn to speak up for our kids than simony following someone else’s rules. After all, they are our children. We want the best for them. We have dreams and goals for them. But in order for those things to happen we must become aware adults, find comfortable places of balance within ourselves, dealing with our own baggage so that we have the wherewithal to stand up and be counted amongst a growing group of concerned parents, educators, caregivers in fact anyone who has anything to do with children.

Our science and technology has outgrown our psychology. As a race of people on the planet today, we are losing touch with the importance and functionality of human relations as well as the value of life itself. We are witnessing children committing murder nearly every day, cyber bullying and worse. Human relations are growing into massive aspects of technology and not of human being.

We are talking about the future of humanity not airy fairy ideas and ideals. It is time for us to take charge and take back our world for those who will live upon it long after we are gone.

To know more about these amazing children check out I have written a series of books to support them, help them, and have changed paradigms everywhere. The first one, “The Children of Now” explains the phenomenon. The latest, “The Children of Now EVOLUTION” is the book of answers. Just remember to ask the questions, listen deeply to the answers, and be willing to do your part to protect a generation and others to come who have the capability to carry us and our planet into an entire new era.

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