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Nightlife Review – BBW Club Plush

Nightlife Review – BBW Club Plush

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Nightlife Review - Chica Plush

Chica Plush

You cannot judge the book by its cover—yes, it’s cliche  but it still holds true up to this day. That’s why it’s extremely fortunate that in a crowd, often, the BBW (Big Beautiful Women) are discriminated, picked on, and harassed. Take, for example, clubs and bars. It isn’t really uncommon to come across establishments who prevent the plump ladies from entering, or if ever they find themselves inside, force them to leave with a few insults or heckles from the other guests on the side.

The Birth of Club Plush

Club Plush becomes a refuge for cool music and lively people every night. Regularly some of the best DJs in the country whip up their own mixes and beats to the delight of the audience. Food and drinks, especially cocktails and beers, are overflowing. It’s one place that lets everyone feel so relaxed, comfortable, and eager to meet and mingle with other people. Should it lead to romance—that’s something only the ladies can tell. The bottom line is it’s easy to say that Club Plush is currently Tampa’s best nightclub.

But this club is different from all the others, as it opens its doors to some of the most beautiful ladies and  gentlemen—the full figured. Indeed, Club Plush is also one of the very few premier clubs that are intended for the Big Beautiful Women and Big Handom Men.

Party All You Want

Latin Breeze

Latin Breeze

The chic, funky Club Plush is currently located at W. Hillsborough Avenue, Tampa, around the same side as Crazy Horse and Publix. Guests can simply park their cars and not worry about parking tickets.

Inside the music begins pumping, and almost immediately the ladies and gentlemen stand up from their seats and make their way onto the dance floor  Usually those who find themselves at the door forget about looking for their own spaces and instead join in the fun frenzy.

Everyone can simply grab their favorite drinks from the bar and bring them right at the floor. There’s no general rule on how or what to dance. Besides, if you misbehave, there’s Big Anthony, the club’s chief security, who can walk you through the door, whether you like it or not.

This is one of the clubs that is very laid-back when it comes to dress codes. Though you may not be allowed to go in, in slippers, you’re permitted to dress in order to impress; so whether you want to go in a ball gown or the shortest tube top and skirt, the club’s fine with it. In fact, men can wear their caps and beloved sneakers.

Guests should just remember, however, that the club promotes clean fun, so if you’re c chain-smoker, take those puffs outside.

Once in a while, the Plush Productions takes the club on the road—or even on the sea. They sponsor cruises that usually leave the port of Miami and go all the way to the Grand Cayman Islands, Mohagany Bay, and Belize. It’s a couple of days of nonstop meetups, music, and fun along with the thick and curvy.




chica plush
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