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The Practical Case for Humility

Sure, there's a place for self-promotion, but history suggests overhyping your business can backfire. Whether it was your third-grade teacher, your beloved granny or your mom, someone probably told you to keep a good head on your shoulders and not get too cocky. Self-confidence is great, they probably said, but a reasonable amount of humility is important for both mental health and maintaining solid relationships

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Don’t Discount: Here’s Why

Emphasize the virtues of your product or service, rather than the price. It will keep your competitors at bay, and your customers close. As business owners, we are often tempted to discount our product or service, thinking it will somehow win us customers and drive growth.

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The Commodity-Pricing Trap

Norm Brodsky advises on how to avoid the race to the bottom. Dear Norm, My partner and I have a business that rents photo booths for weddings, parties, and corporate events. My partner has developed software that uses blue-screen technology to create thousands of different backgrounds for the photos, which adds a whole new level of fun

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12 Customer Dos & Don’ts

Use these quick and easy rules to make sure your customers keep coming back for more. It's easier to sell to existing customers than to acquire new ones, so it's good sense to keep the customers you've already got. Here are some simple rules to ensure that customers continue to come back for more

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How to Lead Without Being There

Growth-oriented leaders make their intent clear and then let the team on the ground make the decisions. Here's how that can work at your company. At some point, every entrepreneur faces a moment of truth: Your company can’t grow if you insist on being present at every important encounter and the “decider” on every decision

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9 Things You Must Do to Be a Market Leader

A good product is only the cost of entry. If you're going to thrive, you'll need more than that. The recipe for start-up success is simple: Make a good product

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5 Ways To Make Your Company Worth More

These five things can dramatically increase your company's valuation, says venture capitalist Jason Trevisan When I was learning to drive I swerved.

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Outsmart Your Competitors Every Time

How to leveraged a low-cost structure into a strategic growth plan focused on low-risk, low-cost acquisitions. If you could get the jump on your competition, would you? Of course you would

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A Lesson on Cost From American Airlines

How your costs compare to your competitors can have a significant impact on profitability. Just ask American Airlines. How does your cost structure compare to your competitors

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