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Why You Should Be Geeked About Data

We ran three marketing test-with surprising results. Here's what our data revealed about the clicking habits of customers. For me, measurability is very important when it comes to marketing

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Best Advice I Ever Got: Shama Kabani

The president of the Zen Marketing Group explains how being an entrepreneur is similar to being a newlywed, and other great advice she's received. Being an entrepreneur is similar to being a newlywed: Everyone has a piece of advice to "gift" you with

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Social Search: How Your Friends Matter

The big search engines are now using social content to shape results pages. Time to rethink your online marketing? These days, two frequently asked question of my agency are, "How does all of this social media content and sharing impact my search engine rankings?" and "Do my social network status updates in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn help these rankings?" The short answer is, yes, your social activity does have an impact on search results—and, more to the point, so does your company's activity.

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Where Are the Worst Talent Shortages?

These will be the five hardest slots for you (and any start-up) to fill in the new year. The year flew by mostly because it was a very, very busy one. Although the economy continues to face many challenges, the startup and tech industries are very much alive.

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Dell World’s App Puts Control Of Conferences In Audience’s Hands

The best part of any conference usually takes place in the halls--where you can network, of course, but also where you can find the answers you were looking for and have the kind of conversations you wanted when you came to the conference in the first place. A new app that Dell is pioneering at its first-ever Dell World conference this week will attempt to simulate that experience at least somewhat and, say Dell executives, vastly improve the overall conference experience. Most conference apps are just digital versions of the paper program.

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Mastering Distraction in 18 Minutes

There is a better way to focus your time on what you value the most - and say no to the rest. It begins with a mere 18 Minutes. Do you ever get to the end of a busy day only to realize that next to nothing has been taken off of your “to do” list

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Turning Customers Into Salespeople

How companies like Roku boost sales with referral marketing Roku was one of the first companies to bring online movies to people's living rooms. Three years ago, the Saratoga, California-based company started selling remote-controlled devices that can stream online media content, such as Netflix movies and Pandora radio, to TV sets.

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