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How I Perfected the Hi-Tech Bed

Eugene Alletto founded Inc. 5000 Applicant of the Week, bedgear, to create performance bedding made with moisture wicking fabric that regulates body temperature. As applications for the 2012 Inc

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6 Ways to Make Your Own Luck

While luck isn't an exact science, there are certainly ways to cultivate your own luck. Here are six easy ways. Many entrepreneurs believe their success is in part due to a little bit of luck-- that chance meeting with a potential investor or that dinner conversation that sparks a new idea.

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Video: Sleeping pills: New study shows big risks

A controversial new study suggests that taking Ambien, Lunesta or other prescription sleep aids may dramatically increase your risk of death and that people taking them are more likely to be diagnosed with cancer. Dr. Carl Bazil, director of Columbia University's Comprehensive Epilepsy and Sleep Center talks to Charlie Rose and Erica Hill.

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See the Coolest Sleep Technology at CES

Three innovative products that monitor, analyze, and improve your hours of shut-eye, straight from the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. LAS VEGAS—You probably already know the scary findings about the costs of sleep deprivation on the job.

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Which Startups Will Rule 2012?

Venture capitalists, corporations, private-equity firms, and more poured billions into private companies this year--a huge boon for titans like Facebook and Groupon. Here, the best of the rest starting 2012 with supersize bankrolls

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Can Memories Be Counted?

The series Too Hard for Science? discusses ideas scientists would love to explore that they think are difficult or impossible to investigate. The Scientist: Robert Stickgold, director of the Center for Sleep and Cognition at Harvard Medical School

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