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5 Ways To Put The "Pro" In Profile Pics

Your profile photo is an important part of your online image, so if you still have an egg as your Twitter avatar or a blue-and-white silhouette for your Facebook page, it's time to step things up. (Hint: This photo is a "don't.") If you still have an egg as your Twitter avatar, it's time to step things up.

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Moustache Madness: Movember Emphasizes Fun, Not Guilt, To Raise Millions For Cancer Programs

Movember cofounder Adam Garone describes how to grow a massive charitable community by bringing the fun. Adam Garone never thought a silly beer-fueled bet to grow a mustache would turn into a multi-million-dollar global charity and the largest non-governmental funder of prostate cancer research. Seven years later, Movember expects more than 600,000 men to ask their friends to contribute donations in exchange for growing an artful caterpillar lip in the annual Movember mustache challenge, which starts Nov.

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Ten Things You Need To Know To Raise Capital For Your Nonprofit

Alice's tips on raising capital for your enterprise--and the best and worst funding experiences from her two decades of working with boards. For most nonprofit organizations, financial success depends on building a board of directors that is generous in helping to contribute and raise the "venture capital" to launch the enterprise, and strategic in working with the CEO to help establish and achieve a financially sustainable revenue model. It's nearly impossible for a CEO to maximize an organization's financial potential without a highly effective board

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Professional Services vs. Scalable Business

Dear John: My partner and I are architects, which means our business relies on our professional know-how and expertise. It's not a business whereby we sell widgets and that can implement systems and procedures which anyone can follow

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