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The 6 Million FacebookLIKES Man: Kumi Rauf on ILoveBeingBlack

The 6 Million FacebookLIKES Man: Kumi Rauf on ILoveBeingBlack

The 6 Million Facebook LIKES Man: Kumi Rauf on IloveBeingBlack

Social Media Strategist and World Traveler

The 6 Million #FacebookLIKES Man: Kumi Rauf on #ILoveBeingBlack

The 6 Million #FacebookLIKES Man: Kumi Rauf on #ILoveBeingBlack

How do you get six million likes on Facebook in just a few years? If this is something that you’ve been wondering about, you need to talk with Kumi Rauf.

Kumi graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara and worked as a computer scientist and consultant for several years. He started the brand and movement I Love Being Black when he was in college. Ultimately, the brand grew to amass millions of followers on Facebook and began to gain traction in the press, so Kumi quit his job to concentrate on the business and help it grow bigger.

In this interview, Kumi talks about how he started with just one I Love Being Black T-shirt, wearing it around campus to generate conversations with other people. He shares the mission of I Love Being Black, which is to uplift black people and, in the long run, spread positivity, awareness, and action in black people around the world.

To achieve these goals, one of the things that Kumi does is to travel around the world and show people what black culture is like in other countries. This raises awareness about the different experiences that black people have and helps folks appreciate the diversity in black lives. It also allows I Love Being Black to share unique and meaningful stories on its Facebook page, which is one of the reasons that it has attracted numerous likes.

Kumi also talks about how he switched from MySpace to Facebook and how he was able to grow his Facebook page through quality images, videos, and Facebook Live streaming sessions. He states that, for people to get more organic likes on their page, they need to figure out what their unique story is and how they would tell it. They also need to master social algorithms, which isimportant if they want to become successful in social media. Kumi acknowledges that this can be challenging since Facebook frequently changes its algorithm, but people can predict where the algorithm is going next if they have a deep understand of what Facebook likes and wants.

Not everyone has realized this, though. Kumi reveals that black people are the biggest users of social media, but they only use it to consume, not to create. This is a huge disappointment since social media has the potential to help people make more connections and grow their business.

For Kumi, the next few years will be spent on growing I Love Being Black through advertising relationships with people who have the same mission and vision as the brand. He’s also looking into virtual reality, which he predicts to be the “next big thing” on Facebook and other social media platforms. Watch the video to know more about I Love Being Black and learn more about Kumi’s social media strategies!

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