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The Story

Once you hit a certain age in life, your birthday can seem to blend in with your normal daily tasks like work, kids, and endless cleaning. For me it is the day that I look forward to, because I make it ALL ABOUT ME! Ive never had a big party with lots of people or received a gift more valuable than my husband and kids. What I have done is blown an astronomical amount of money on things that I thought I wanted, needed, or the world made me feel as if I had to have. This birthday was no different…or was it?

On November 2, I traveled to Los Angeles for the “all about me” celebration. As horrible as this is about to sound, it is true. As I enjoyed the luxury of staying at the Westin in a suite, attended the Lakers game 7th row (by the way I held the championship trophy…lol), had a pricey nasty dinner at Mr. Chow, attended a concert, had lunch with someone that is a household name, and shopped, the thought of it all made me want to vomit. (My stomach stills turns when I think about it) All the things that I thought was fun or cool when I planned my trip seem to be putting my heart and spirit in a funk!

The last night of my trip, I prayed. I cried. I prayed! I asked God to reveal to me my life purpose. I long to be more than a mother, athlete, entrepreneur, and what the world tends to refer to me as, an NFL players wife. I was blessed with the gift of gab, untouchable leadership abilities (in my opinion lol), and a heart bigger than the Detroit Lions winning the Super Bowl in my lifetime. I was comfortable with chasing my purpose. But at that moment, I wanted to know what it was. I needed to know!

When I woke up the next morning, I had it. God had spoken. I needed to go on a mission trip! I told my friend Joi Williams who was with me, “Hey. Lets go on a mission trip!” Her response was “Lets go!” That was November 6, 2009. On November 29th, with the help of Phil and Meg Williams and Adventures in Missions, we were on a flight to Swaziland.

Swaziland! I’d never heard of it. When I called Phil (him and his wife take mission trips often) and asked him where I should go, he stated that his wife had just returned from Swaziland two weeks prior. Swaziland it was. (By the way, Meg got right back on a flight with me.) So, my journey began.

To sum it up because it is a long story, God revealed my purpose! It was very clear once I saw the children with hope in their eyes and love in their hugs. My life purpose is James 1:27. With that Beyond the Game was born.

Many organizations like Adventures in Missions and Childrens hope chest work tireless hours on supplying the children with food and care, but my vision is to give what no one can take away: the love of Jesus and an EDUCATION! Although the list of needs is, long BTG is committed to building a school and chipping away at that list item by item.

Chanita Foster, Founder/Director

Chanita Foster is a native of Oak Park Michigan. A firm believer in education, she owns degrees in Communications, Sports Management, and Photography. She also has a heart for a number of causes, mainly the orphans and widows of Swaziland, Africa, for whom she founded the Beyond The Game Foundation.

In addition to her philanthropic endeavors, she is also a passionate entrepreneur. She is the owner of Wife Material Custom Jerseys, Rock Star Publishing, Divine Diva Photography, Rock Star Rascals and Urban Christian RockStar Properties LLC.

The energetic mother of 6 is also an athlete. When she is not busy with family and business, she loves to take part in a local competitive volleyball league where she resides. She also enjoys traveling to play with the Atlanta Boom Women’s team. She still remains in the record book for volleyball at Chicago State University. As the wife of NFL veteran, George Foster, she is an active member of Off The Field; the NFL player wives association.

George Foster, Director

George Foster is a native of Macon, Georgia. There, he was a graduate of Southeast High School. Although he had always had a great love for sports, it was at Southeast where he began to blossom into the athlete that he is today.He was a member of the Football, Basketball, and Track team during his 4 years at Southeast. Amon his other passions are taking care of the less fortunate or disabled. During his time at Southeast he was able to assist in helping the physically challenged as well as participating as a coach/chaperone for the Special Olympics for the first time. At the conclusion of his senior football season, he signed a full scholarship to the University of Georgia. In addition to an education and a successful football career at Georgia, he also forged relationships that he still maintains until this day. Upon completion of the 2002 NCAA football season, George was selected #20 overall by the Denver Broncos. While in Denver he became more involved with the Special Olympics, Denver Children’s Home and various other causes, supported by teammates and eventually his wife Chanita. In 2007, George became a part of the Detroit lions. In Detroit, he and his wife continued to be a fixture in the community, whether it was through the Boys and Girls club, or helping individual kids or families. At the present time, George has teamed up with his wife are focused on helping the people of Swaziland. a small country nestled in the northeast corner of South Africa. It is his prayer that through they’re help, the unbelievable trends of the worlds highest HIV/AIDS percentage and extreme poverty will take a turn for the better.

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  1. Chanita,
    I just read a post on Fb and decided click the link to read further. Not knowing this was your organization. I have to say your story almost brought a tear to my eye. I am very Proud of the Woman you have become. I can say I knew you when. I recently had a similiar story which I must share with you soon. I’m so impressed with all that you are doing. If I can be of any assistance to help with your journey please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Continue to follow your Dreams and with George by your side I’m sure it will get done. Congratulations to you for starting this new organization.

    God Bless
    Deedy Wales

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