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Our Mission:

The I AM Foundation’s mission is to empower children & adults worldwide through publishing and gifting The Love~Wisdom Series. The Love~Wisdom Series of books and music is designed to help children and adults in “building life skills for life.”

Our Vision:

The I AM Foundation is continuously growing a worldwide organization that gifts inspirational books and music. The result is billions of children and adults with a healthy self-image, who love and feel loved, while positively contributing to each other. This domino effect creates a better world for generations to come.

Core Values:

The I AM Foundation’s core values are integrity, honesty, compassion, trust, contribution, love, leadership, joy, spirituality, teaching, mastery, beauty, creativity, harmony, and play. We are committed to living out these values in each and every moment of every day.


Founder’s Welcome Message

“When the heart is open, everything is possible.”  Dr. Marilyn Powers

Steve Viglione & Dr. Marilyn Powers

Thank you for visiting The I AM Foundation’s website. We believe when children discover their value, they bring their value to the world. Equally, when parents, teachers and adults discover their value, they bring their value to the family, to the classroom and to the community.

The I AM Foundation is a 501(c)3 educational non-profit whose mission is to empower children and adults worldwide through publishing and gifting The Love~Wisdom Series. Since 1998, we have gifted and distributed over 1.1 million books and products around the globe.

The I AM Foundation’s work is local, national and global. It honors all people from all walks of life. We have visited many lands and have met people from many different cultures, faiths and countries. When we met with The First Lady of Sri Lanka, who endorsed The I AM! Affirmation Book in English, Tamil and Sinhalese, she said “The children are the architects of a positive future, and reading and self-esteem are the building blocks.”  

Our signature book, The I AM! Affirmation Book is now being translated into 50 languages and has been gifted in over 50 countries. There are 177,000 copies of various editions in print. It has 32 affirmations, which are words of power that focus on what is good and right about a child. It helps children face their fears so they can succeed. And it inspires them to express their talents and gifts to make a positive difference in the world. Just recently, The I AM! Affirmation Book for Teens and Young Adults: Empowering Who You Are was published. In the first month, over 3,500 copies were gifted to teens and young adults.
At The I AM Foundation we are determined to make a positive difference. Our goal is to also make a dynamic global impact through the publication, gifting and distribution of books and music which build literacy, self-esteem and a positive self-image. The intention for The I AM Foundation’s Love~Wisdom Series is to assist children and adults in building life skills that will last a lifetime.
How Can You Help Make An Impact? You can help by volunteering, sponsoring books for your favorite teacher and classroom, school or organization, or by simply by making a donation. When you donate to The I AM Foundation, children, teens and adults are impacted with books that support literacy and self-esteem. All donors receive a tax-deductible letter from us sharing the name of the school or organization that benefited from their donation.
Thank you for supporting our work which is contributing toward a world that works for everyone.


Steve Viglione and Dr. Marilyn Powers
Co-Founders of The I AM Foundation
and Authors of The Love~Wisdom Series of Books

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