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Miracles of Mud Therapy

Miracles of Mud Therapy

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Dr. Sonica Krishan

Mud therapy is integrated and well acknowledged therapy of naturopathic science that is not only easily do-able but at the same time renders a number of health improving benefits; which in the long run imparts natural wellness to human body.

Why Mud is usable?

Mud or the Earth is one of the five fundamental building blocks of the entire universe and natural existence. The other four are sky, air, fire and water. This means that Earth forms part of our physical body.

What Ayurveda Conveys

The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda also believes that the coarse substance like bones, muscles, organs etc are essentially formed out of the Earth basic element.

Healing Properties of Mud

Naturopathy believes that mud is soothing and cooling by nature. Also, mud bears natural anti –toxic and magnetic properties. This makes the element to be useful in relieving body heat as in many skin ailments and is cleansing and energizing for the body systems.

Medicinal Usage of Mud

Face acne and Pimples

Soft mud like multani mitti which is thoroughly cleansed, may be made into a paste and used for local application on the face to get rid of pimples and also imparting natural radiance to the face.

Digestive Aid

Mud pack applied onto the lower abdomen proves to improve the digestion and is a wonderful natural stimulant for constipated bowels.

Skin Afflictions

Skin maladies like eczyma may be relieved by local application of mud. This is mainly due to the natural tendency of mud to be anti – toxic and cooling. Naturopathy suggests mud-bathing i.e. bathing while scrubbing the skin along with mud instead of soap.


Mud packs may be prepared and applied onto the abdomen as well as forehead to get considerable relief from fever.

Precautions with Mud Pack

Mud that is being used needs to be is at first cleaned and filtered and kept immersed in water for at least twelve hours.

Mud pack is advised to be applied on the body only for 20 to 30 minutes approximately.

Also, it is suggested that the mud pack once used should not be re-used.

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