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What If You Won The Lottery?

What If You Won The Lottery?

Dr. Penelope Tzougros

Would all your troubles be over?

Would you be the same person if you were ten times as wealthy as you are now? How many of you think that is true of you?

Jack Whittaker who won what was in 2002 the largest undivided United States Lottery of $315 million has found himself in court for drunk driving, lost his license, lost half a million of cash to thieves who took it while he was at a strip club, and wound up divorced. He spent lavishly on his granddaughter who ended up on drugs and died of overdose. He started heavy drinking to copy with all the lawsuits against his construction company and the various thefts.

Another winner. Evelyn Adams won the lottery in 1985 and 1986 totaling about $5.4 million. It’s all gone and she’s living in a trailer.

There are many stories of lottery winners whose lives go downhill once they win big money.


The two things you need to know to be successful with money are what runs you and what runs money. And of the two what runs you is the more important.

Probably, Jack and Evelyn were not in touch with what really pushes and pulls at their authentic core – what runs them. And they did not know what runs money – that is how to invest it. They did not understand the time span of money.

For those living hand to mouth, or paycheck to pay check, or acting like money addicts – money has no lifetime, no time span for them. It’s spent as fast as it’s made.

But what if money has a time span, what if it is long term? What if money has a legacy? Then money must be handled with a different set of principles.

You think that what happened to Jack Whittaker wouldn’t happen to you. BUT why would you do well with your lottery winnings when so many other people failed? What do you know about you and about how money works?

Let’s assume you would not get into trouble with a big lottery win, but let me bring the discussion closer to home since many of you never buy lottery tickets. Let me ask:

If you are living on more money than you were 5 years ago, are you living better?

Do you have the same stress, the same proportion of debt? The same net worth, or is your net worth higher?

Are you closer to the prosperity you want?

Are you as rich as you want to be?

How do your answers add up? Do you know what runs you?

The purpose of understanding what runs you is:

To catch yourself doing something right.

To articulate what is important to you.

To then act in accordance with what is authentic for you.

By understanding yourself, and knowing what runs money, you would be a good candidate for winning and keeping your lottery wings for an inheritance.

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