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In This Issue – April 2011

Philippe Matthews

Hello Philippe-o-maniacs!

It’s April in sunny Sacramento and we’re experiencing 80 degree days; woo hoo!


In this exciting issue of the Philippe Matthews Show, you are going to meet Sharon Lechter, the CPA and co-author of the Rich Dad series of books. In her two-part interview, Sharon is going to reveal some startling predictions; some that have already come true from the review of the most controversial Rich Dad book, Who Took My Money.


May 25 marks the last Oprah Winfrey Show and I’m sure by now you’ve heard about or seen the controversial two-part interview between Spiritual Guru, Iyanla Vanzant and Oprah Winfrey. I remember when Inyanla left Oprah and launched her own show with meida rival, Barbara Walters. This powerful feature interview reveals what really went on behind the scenes and what was truly going on in the mind of the Motivational Maven. Make sure you read it, watch the Youtube vids and chat with me about it on Facebook and you be the judge as to whether she made the right decision, a wrong decision or just a decision!


In our Beauty & Style section this month, you will meet Super Model, Beverly Johnson in one of my favorite interviews on her book and self image journey, True Beauty. You will also meet Sonja Michelle Crockett who through the power of prayer and faith overcame being paralyzed as she was diagnosed with Neuro Myelitis Optica (NMO). She says, “My greatest trials and tribulations that I had to overcome were that in February, 2006, I became paralyzed. About three and a half months later, I was able to walk and I returned to work and driving.”


There are two new phenomenal additions to The Good Life section this month. You should know, my morning ritual before taking on the tasks of bringing you the very best in world class personal, professional and spiritual development is eating a hearty breakfast and planning the day ahead with a cup of Cafe Fumar’s Maduro or Torcedor Expresso blend coffee and the new premium blend Nicaraguan tobacco of Reinado by Cubanero Enterprise!


Here in Sacramento, I’m close to the cause of the homeless population. I met the Executive Director of El Hogar Community Services, Jodi Nerell and fell in love with her dedication and mission to not just help the homeless but eradicate it all together. Read her inspiring motivation, mission and message in our Philanthropy Spotlight this month. It will change your life and perspective.

SHARON BRUNEAU (Coming April 15th)!

To round off our April updates, read about the incredible female Bodybuilder, Sharon Brunaeu in our Health & Fitness department. Discover how and why Sharon decided to lose all her muscle and simply motivate women to be curvaceous and courageous!


That’s right! I can hardly contain myself but the Philippe Matthews Show is anxiously awaiting to debut a series of new Columnists and Guest Bloggers that are dedicated to educate and motivate you to new heights of self actualization! STAY TUNED FOR SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS THROUGHOUT THE MONTH OF APRIL!

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