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The Five Great Principles for Life with Chad Stewart

The Five Great Principles for Life with Chad Stewart

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Chad Stewart, Author of The Five Great Principles for Life!

Chad Robert Stewart

Chad Robert Stewart is an international management consultant, global strategist, bestselling author, prominent speaker, and philanthropist. Founder of the prestigious Britfield Group and global strategist for Wolf Management Consultants, Chad’s primary areas of focus are: executive & international strategy, marketing & business development, and management leadership & training. Chad specializes in helping companies and corporations maximize their value, efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Chad received his BA from Brown University, did his post-graduate work at Harvard & Oxford University, MBA from Boston College, and continued advanced courses at the Institute of Directors, London. Before becoming a full-time business consultant, Chad worked at Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch. Some of the companies he has worked with are American Management Association, Cisco Systems, Moen, Nissan North America, PepsiCo, Pratt-Whitney, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Wells Fargo, along with many other Fortune 500 companies and corporations. Chad’s new bestselling book, The Five Great Principles for Life, published by Pelican, was just released nationally and is now available at Amazon.com and leading bookstores throughout the U.S.

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