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Philippe’s Best Cigar Review – Ninety Miles Cigar

Philippe’s Best Cigar Review – Ninety Miles Cigar

Philippe's Best Cigar Review - Ninety Miles Cigar

Philippe’s Best Cigar Review – Ninety Miles Cigar

When you smoke a cigar, you’re not only doing it for pleasure. You’re also appreciating the process that has been used for many years to create consistent, bodied, flavorful, aromatic sticks. You’re also reliving the incredible history and loving the passion of its makers. These are also the things that you do when you buy Ninety Miles Cigars.

The Ninety Miles Cigar is part of the extensive collection of Flor de Gonzalez Cigars, a company that was launched sometime in 1993. By tobacco standards, that seems to be recent, but the truth is its beginnings can be traced back to several decades ago.

Arnaldo Gonzalez, the man behind it, was born in a family that lived tobacco. On their farm in Santa Clara in Cuba, they cultivated and later harvested these tobacco leaves. He was taught very well by his ancestors, especially his grandfather, that even when he already passed away, the passion and commitment to the craft remained.

However, the political threat drove him and his family outside the country and brought him to sunny Florida, in Hialeah, where he began his own cigar business. Together with his small team, they rolled and created every good cigar that went on to their factory store. The customers absolutely loved them and it didn’t take long before the business flourished. By 1997, however, they found themselves struggling to survive. While their competitors decided to close doors and shut down factories, de Gonzalez brought most of his operations to Nicaragua. It then became one of his best decisions as it allowed him to offer great but cheap cigars to the public. Today his lineage has its own plantation in Ecuador with leaves or wrappers sought out from different parts of the world. The Ninety Miles Cigar, on the other hand, has then become a fitting tribute to the country that plays a huge role in the company’s making: the United States.

The Guarantee of Ninety Miles Cigar

What can you now expect from Ninety Miles Cigar? The brand offers a lot of things. First you enjoy the many years of experience in the industry. These people don’t just know but also fully understand the importance of flavors, body, and aroma to any smoker. This then explains why they have come up with various product lines that include Robusto, Churchill, Torpedo, and Toro. They also make use of extremely high-quality wrappers such as Habano and Sumatra.

A smoke with the Ninety Miles Cigar is often described as mind-blowing. It can start out as something spicy and later one the aroma and the taste shifts to something earthy without every losing its body. The burn is also described as consistent and slow, so you can truly savor each cigar. The various options for cigars also mean that different types of smokers can own a Ninety Miles Cigar.

Each of these cigars is carefully packed in humidors and boxes that help retain their flavors and aroma for long periods. Ninety Miles Cigar promises a treat, passion, and history.



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